Show me your Jack-o-Lantern

Here’s mine.

Just a traditional Jack-o-Lantern. I like the incredibly elaborate carvings people to, but I’m a traditionalist. (A traditionalist is someone who lacks the talent and ability to do the fancy ones. :wink: )

‘the elaborate carvings people do’; not ‘to’. :smack:

We made a pangolumpkin this year. Pangolins are awesome and all 8 species are now considered threatened because people keep hunting them for food, boo.

I beg your pardon

I would love to post a pic of our carved pumpkins.
Only the damn squirrels ate our pumpkins before we could carve them!
Little grey bastids.

Here’s the ones my friends and I did this year.

Mine are the ghost in the top middle (it’s a white pumpkin!) and the “erhmagerd!” skeleton on the bottom left.

Araminty what does yours look like when lit up???

Excellent! :slight_smile:

See, that’s why I’m a traditionalist! :wink: No ability to draw like that. Also, the knife I used wasn’t ideal for pumpkin carving.

Light 'em up anyway! They’d be unique! (I’ve always wanted to make a Punk jack-o-lantern… Hollow it out, and then just punch a hole in it.)

Johnny yours came out pretty good for having a bad knife! It is totally a great jack-o-lantern!

My friends and I don’t draw patterns, we just get those pattern books and tools from the drugstores when they go on sale after Halloween. I have about 6 books and maybe 70 knives/pokers/scoops right now. We just use them 'til they break!

We also are known to go to and buy a pattern but we’ve been doing it so long we’re sort of done with them for now :slight_smile:

Actually, it’s a moderately good knife! It’s the smallest one out of the cheapest ‘starter set’ by Henckels. Just not ideal for pumpkin carving. Next time I’ll use on of the SO’s cheap serrated steak knives. They’re more flexible. But I still would have done the same design. It would just have better cuts.

Thanks for the compliment! :slight_smile:


Great Scott!

Freehand-carved this one just going off an image from the internet.




Although, one slip of the tool wonked off part of the V on the VIII, but there was much beer being had.

For major cutting, jigsaws work great.
However, we haven’t carved a pumpkin since the tragedy


Should have done X’s for the eyes. :wink:

Even though I’m in Australia, like many things American the Halloween Thing has infiltrated our culture now, and in the last week there’s been the usual commercialism with costumes, treats and pumpkins on sale.

So my kids went to the local Aldi where jack-o-lantern pumpkins were available at some exorbitant price per kg. My son grabbed the first one he saw, which happened to be the ‘display model’, pre-carved, not realising he should have taken an intact pumpkin. The cashier didn’t bat an eyelid either.

Thus we have a genuine-creepy Halloween Pumpkin, all ready to greet the local sprogs who come begging at the door tonight for sweets and treats. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a picture of my Jack-o-Lantern, but when I took its circumference and divided it by its diameter.

I got Pumpkin Pi

Mine. The center part is the same as I did last year, except I learned my lesson – cutting all the way through leads to serious imbalance issues and two days later you have a major illegible mess. So this year I just dremeled the design into the skin, and then added the surrounding decor.

Also, eff the rest of the NFC East.

Love it!

See guys, this is the sort of thing you should envy. Not my drugstore designs. Just being able to transfer a drawing on to a pumpkin from your brain is a major feat!