Showbiz Moms & Dads Finale: May 18 & 19

Finally was able to watch an episode, and I have some random comments:

The first thing any beginning drama student in high school knows is to have a memorized monologue.

What else does Shame’s grandpa pull the strings of? The Florida State Senate?

Exactly how old are all the Nutters? Some of them look like they should have left the nest by now.

Neither Jordan Barron or her mother would be on my list of wanted neighbors.

Hamlet’s interpretation of the “dummy” remark is correct.

Well, okay then!

Also, did you catch the bit where LittleJordan told her mom, “I’m supposed to ask if anyone in your family was ever a slave.” Kimberly, aghast, repeats, "SLAVES?!, and after a loud silence, LittleJordan says, “I’ll take that as a ‘no’.” Her timing and delivery were priceless.

Also, I loved MamaShame’s line about “People are probably driving up and down the strip going ‘Who’s Shane Klingensmith?’” I swear, she is the Queen of Misinterpretation. If they noticed the sign, they might ask, but not with the degree of awe and insatiable curiosity that she imagines. I can just see my family, who live in Vegas, driving past that marquee.


BIL: “Sounds like a serial killer.”

MamaRilch: “[sarcasm]Oh, don’t you guys know? The three main attractions in Vegas: Wayne Newton, Siegfried and…well, Penn and Teller now…and Shane Klingensmith! Honestly, how long have you lived here?[/sarcasm]…Who the f*ck is Shane Whatsismith?”

Looking forward to tonight, where FlufferNutter does not have any kind of epiphany, and all the other parents blame “the editing! It was all in the editing!” Except Little Jordan’s Mom, who’s off being “Urban” Martha Stewart (“black” is the word you’re looking for, dear–the “black” Martha Stewart).

I’m . . . liking the Klingensmiths?!

I mean, Shame and his Mom are still totally delusional about his total lack of talent, but I gotta admire the way they took all the bad press and criticism, and they can laugh at themselves . . . Never saw that coming!

Big Jordan and her mom! Wow - just wow. If anything the leash around her retarded, spineless, submissive mother’s throat has gotten tighter.

I don’t want to sound judgemental, but whatever gave this smart mouthed, doughy faced, bleached blond little idiot the idea that she was primo actress material?

Probably the retarded, spineless, submissive mother.

I though tonight’s show was really interesting. I’m not at all surprised that Teen Jordan’s mom divorced Dave and came back to California. I am surprised that Teen Jordan seems to have learned a lesson from her appearance on the show.

Shame’s voice change has not improved things any. He’s a cute enough boy, but I don’t think he has any chance at all of becoming a star.

The Nutters are all Nutz!

Little Jordan seemed to have been “acting” all through their bits. There were the wide eyes, the playing to the camera. I didn’t like her as much tonight, but good for her for making it into the movie with Travolta and Cedric.

And the Tyes. My, my, my! Poor Ma Tye! So she’s being Cyberstalked! Lady, be careful what you wish for. You just might get it in spades!!! At least the kid looked more like a real kid instead of a Stepford kid tonight. And if this is the single-handed destruction of Pageants, good for Ma Tye. She’s done the world and little girl-dom a favor!

See, I never disliked them with the same visceralness that I did Teen Jordan or FlufferNutter. I felt kind of sad for them after their segment tonight. It’s now obvious that Shame is in it at least to some extent as a replacement for the daughter who died and who, from the snippet they showed, may actually have had some singing talent.

Oh, yeah, I thought the exact same thing. The mom has latched onto Shane as a replacement for the daughter who died, and is trying to make Shane into the singing star. Poor woman needs some grief therapy.

I dislike Emily’s mom even more. She is truly off her rocker if she thinks she was unfairly portrayed. That bit about the Pixie Sticks was a riot. “Yeah, I pour sugar down my child’s throat to ‘motivate’ her. What’s wrong with that?”

I missed some of the beginning of Teen Jordan’s bit. I gather the mom came back from Colorado, but why? Where is the husband? Does she have a new job?

Teen Jordanmom came back after about 20 minutes away from her precious because she just couldn’t stand it. She’s divorcing Internet Hubby; they didn’t say whether she had a new job.

It would have been a lot more interesting (and sadder) had we known that Shame had siblings, and about the dead singing sister. But Shame and his Mom were presented to us as “clueless idiots” rather than “grieving clueless idiots.”

Do you think Faux-Benet’s Mom ever lurked here? She must know about Tw/oP, but other than that I think she just hangs out at Pageant Sites.

No way. She’s not smart enough to be a Doper, even a lurker Doper. :smiley:

I wasn’t home last night, so I finally got to watch “The Aftermath” on my lunch break today.
I think the Klingensmiths were definitely the most misrepresented of the families portrayed. I always saw Debbie as the crazy mom overprotecting her only child, a late-in-life baby she probably had to go to extreme measures to have (purely my assumption). At first it looked like she was a single mom, too. Then it was like … oh, he’s got a dad, does he? I definitely think I’d have felt differently about them had I known that Shane wasn’t an only child, and that he had successful, older siblings. I also agree that they seemed to take it the best in that they were able to laugh at themselves, and didn’t seem fake about it either. My opinion of them has definitely changed.
As for the rest, I pretty much have the same opinions of all of them that I did going into the aftermath show. I still think Jordan and her mom will be okay, and while I would never think of threatening little Emily’s mom, I still think she’s a white trash nut job. Speaking of nut jobs … Oprah should have let Dr. Phil deal with the Nutters. Someone has got to tell this man that he’s gay! Fab Five? Someone? Please! I still think Mrs. Nutter looks like Woody Harrelson in drag, too.
There may be a ray of hope with Teen Jordan. I think she realized, maybe just a little bit, what a horrible, disrespectful brat she was. She is a teenager, after all. I wasn’t all sunshine and puppy dogs when I was 14 either (okay, so I’m still not). At least the show convinced them to go to a dermatologist.

Although I’m getting the gist, does anyone have time to post a recap? I missed it.

Monday’s show or the aftermath show?

That was my assumption, too (crazy mom protecting her late-in-life only child). My assumption (after the show) was this was probably a second marriage for his parents, and they both had a couple of kids already, and Shane was their child together, since all the other kids were so much older and apparently off on their own.

I thought she looked much better with that new haircut on the Aftermath show. She was very pretty, and looked several years younger.

But not much hope. I thought she still came across as somewhat bratty and disrespectful. You know she’s just dying to say, “I told you so!” to her mom.

The aftermath; I saw the final episode.