Showdown! Justice League of America vs. the X-Men

The ultimate geeky comics thread (which has probably already been done, several times. But whatever):
Justice League of America vs. the X-Men. Who wins?
(Anybody who was ever part of the JLA or the X-Men, be they dead, alive, catatonic, or whatever else, is restored to full fighting health for this game.)

Well, if Mimic can flawlessly replicate Superman’s powers… Meh, even then, the JLA, easily.

No fair, you have to say why. :wink:

Well, the JLA has characters with cosmic/godly level abilities (Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Firestorm) while the X-Men… don’t. On reflection, Dark Pheonix all by herself could tip the scale, but I honestly don’t know what her power levels are.

X-Men vs. Teen Titans might be a better match, as would JLA vs. Avengers.

Thread title edited, to give the membership some sort of cotton-pickin’ idea of what you’re on about.

Heh. Nice one, Bryan.

Hm. It’s a tough call if we allow Phoenix. Phoenix dwarfs any individual member of the post-Crisis JLA. However, The Flash may be too fast for her to deal with effectively. Superman and J’onn together might put up a good fight. And of course, caught unaware, she can be dealt with - that’s how the X-Men managed it, after all.

Without Phoenix, it’s the JLA. All the way.

Incidentally, in Marvel/DC crossovers, the JLA has fought the X-Men, and the Teen Titans bumped into the X-Men once too. ( Changeling to Wovlerine : “Hey, my name’s Logan too. Maybe we’re related!”)

Marvel vs. DC - Batman nearly manages to take out the X-Men before he loses the advantage of surprise - and then the full JLA shows up.

Pure coolness factor? Then I say X-Men. They are just so much cooler! …Nightcrawler rules!

The JLA wins if it’s prepared.

I remember that. Colossus blocked Darkseid’s Omega Beams :rolleyes:

When Hal Jordan is reborn as Green Lantern, even Phoenix (any incarnation) will not be enough.

Maybe we should discuss which lineups of each team we should be using. I’m partial to the Booster Gold / Blue Beetle / Martian Manhunter / Guy Gardner GL / Captain Marvel / Fire / Ice JLA lineup (did I forget anyone?). Now someone line them up against a particular X lineup and lets fight!

The JLA has Superman, Wonder Woman, several Green Lanterns, J’Onn J’Onnz, Dr Fate, several Flashes, Firestorm, Zatanna, Captain Marvel, Captain Atom, Power Girl, Orion… Amazo and Supergirl if we’re including the TV series.

And dozens of lower-powered members.

As well as access to a buttload of Kryptonian, Thanagarian and Apokaliptian tech (‘and the really scary stuff Bruce thought up’).

The X-Men don’t have the sheer power, the sheer numbers, or access to quite so much high-level technology.

This is not even a contest. Several members of the Justice League (Superman and Green Lantern, to name two specifically). Could take out the X-Men.


From low-earth orbit.

Throw in the Flash, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, and heck, Gypsy if you want to get really ridiculous. The JLA are still going to win.

RitzyRae is officially my new heroine. (Nightcrawler!)

JThunder, I knew someone was going to say that…

I’ve allowed the Dark Phoenix / Phoenix incarnations in the OP (anyone who was ever a member of the X-Men…) but it looks like JLA takes it in an overwhelming majority. Le sigh.

Hm. We could try a lineup match… :wink:

Whoops! I didn’t forget–thank you, Ukelele Ike! grovels

In a physical brawl, I’d have to give it up to the JLA as well, although I’m a huge X-Men fan, but I have a strong feeling that Pheonix (or hell, even just Jean before the end) and Prof. X could put a stop to the team pretty easily. Of course, I know nothing about how strong Martian Manhunter’s telepathic abilities are, or what other characters have in terms of defenses against that sort of thing, so…

On the other hand, the X-Men have Professor X. He could turn Superman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman into vegetables before they knew what hit them.

Plus, the JLA are a distinct disadvantage given their proclivity for capes - a weakness the X-Men do not share.

Edna Mode!

How about, for kicks, I throw in the Brotherhood as well–Magneto, Mystique, all the little minions…? :wink:

I’ll give you capes, but I’ll counteract telepaths with magic (Zantanna, Dr. Fate, Phantom Stranger). Was The Spectre ever a part of the JLA? I know he was/is in the JSA.

Besides, Professor X would have a problem the second he tried to get into Batman’s mind. He’d curl up into a fetal position and start sucking his thumb. Or maybe that’s what happens when he reads Booster Gold’s mind. :smiley:

Manhunter’s Telepathy is comparable to Xavier’s, as far as I can determine. He is capable of mental interaction on a planetary scale.

Professor X would annihilate them, too. Sissy magic. The JLA would be lying on the ground drooling all over themselves within a couple of seconds if Professor X started on them.

As for Batman, please. Prof. X has been in Wolverine’s mind and in Magneto’s mind. I don’t think Bats has anything to compare with watching his family die in a Nazi gas chamber, surviving the chamber, and then having to crawl out from the bottom of a mass grave when he was a child.

I almost hate to say this, but Batman… if he’s… you know, prepared… has demonstrated telepathy-blocking gadgets in the recent past.