Who out of the X-men would win a battle to the death?

I’m on total X-men high at the moment and was just thinking about this question. If all the X-men (minus Professor Xavier) were shoved into a room and told to battle it out, who do you think would be the last one standing?

The X-men I’ve put in the room include:

Jean Grey/Phoenix

(feel free to add any X-men that you feel I’ve miss out on)

Well, Shadowcat would just phase out of the room, and Nightcrawler would teleport out. But provided that’s somehow made impossible, I’d say Shadowcat would simply stay phased while Wolverine used his claws and healing to beat the crap out of everyone else. Then, those two would be in perpetual deadlock: Shadowcat would simply refuse to go solid, but there’s no way she could kill Wolverine. So I suppose it comes down to which of those survives without food and water the longest. My money’s on the guy with the big sideburns.

Um, isn’t Phoenix in the “cosmic entity” class of power? So, her then.

If not, then Rogue. Steals everyone’s powers.

But Wolverine knows this and kills her first. His claws are coated with adamantium, so he doesn’t touch her and activate her powers.

Including Phoenix isn’t a good choice. She’s dead and gone, and she was a cosmic level power, kind of erasing the need for the rest of them.

Shadocat cannot stay phased forever, so one of the others could get her. She has, however, a nifty power rarely used to pretty well kill or destroy anything or anyone. If she can use this on Jean, she’ll win, simply because no one else can touch her.

I say Rogue if she can fly under the radar Survivor style, and quietly steal people’s powers while the others are duking it out.

If nothing else, she can phase other people too. I remember her threatening to do this to Scalphunter; phasing him halfway into the floor and letting him go, with the result being maiming and wholesale bloodshed.

Yep, Shadowcat is the winner. She’ll phase the rest of them into the floors and walls and generally enjoy the carnage.

I was under the impression that Rogue was, by this point, essentially physically invincible.

And has Colossus ever been hurt in metal mode? I was under the impression that he’s invincible when metal, including not needing to breathe of eat.

So my prediction is Jean nukes the room, leaving only Colussus, Rogue, possibly Nightcrawler, definitely a phased Shadowcat, and an adamantium skeleton with a few drops of blood on it that some hack writer will let Wolvie regenerate from. From there its a fight to standstill, unless Rogue or Colossus gets their hands on Jean’s neck and snaps it, and the same with Nighcrawler.
I don’t see way for Rogue, phased Shadowcat, and Colossus to hurt each other. Three-way tie.

Not entirely invincible. Riptide managed to get blades and spikes embedded in his metal body, which suggests that, if they had been hurled with even greater force, they would have been able to penetrate farther and cause serious damage.

I’ve always figured that it’d be between Jean and Rogue, depending on who got the upper hand.

If Rogue managed to take out Jean early, I believe she could easily defeat the other X-men, being super strong, invulnerable and all that. Plus, none of the X-men would be able to physically touch her skin. I mean, the girl’s indescructable!

HOWEVER, I believe Jean could win if she used her telepathic ability to control Rogue, making Rogue protect her while taking out all the X-men and messing with their minds, and then blowing up Rogue’s mind afterwards as well.

Wolverine. Wolverine always wins. Put Wolverine up aginst the Hulk, the Beyonder, Galactus, and the Molecule Man, and he would still somehow win. Dr. Reed Richards calls this “The Wolverine effect.”

Are we allowing the characters to do things they CAN do, just never do? If so, I say Nightcrawler wins. Multiports to everyone and ports off their heads (except Rogue). He then ports off Wolvies hands with claws extended and uses them to slice rogue to pieces.


Shadowcat may be able to phase, but her mind is still active…until Jean Grey shuts her down. Angel is a goner in the first few seconds, being in an enclosed environment. Ditto Beast. Storm can’t cut loose without endangering herself. Jubilee is pretty harmless and inexperienced and soon to be dead in that scenario.

That leaves Cyclops, Gambit, Colossus, Iceman, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Wolverine. Cyclops, Jean, and Iceman would probably team up. As would Colossus, Wolverine, Gambit, and Rogue. Nightcrawler would be torn in the issue, not wanting to kill due to his beliefs. Jean thus reads his mind to find out where he’ll 'port next, instructs Iceman to create a block of ice in that spot, and Kurt 'ports into it killing him.

Rogue absorbs some of Wolvies powers before Gambit charges him up for an energy loaded fastball special hurled at Cyclops. Clyclps sees the attack at the last minute and unleashes an eye blast too late. Wolvie blows up real good taking out himself and Cyclops. The sight of Cyclops death causes Jean to loose it and unleash a mental blast to everyone in the room killing them all but Rogue who retained a resistance to mental attacks thru absorbing Wolvie’s powers. Jean collapses from over-exhersion, leaving a weakened Rogue time to crawl over to Jean’s unconcious body and pop her bone claws through Jean’s brain.

Winner: Rogue (until Wolvie’s ungodly healing factor reincorporates his body and he kills her…but bythat time, someone will have let Rogue out of that room)

Anyone wanna back Beast or Jubilee? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can Storm be of any use? If all the X-men are inside a box, there isn’t very much she can do, is there?

Well Colossus lies on the floor dead, because he’s well… dead.

I’m with Cataclysm, though. I think Jean just takes everyone over and has them kill themselves/each other.

If Jean’s not in the mix, I’ll go with Shadowcat, like Priceguy said. Even if it gets down to her and wolvie, she phases him into the floor, or phases his brain out of his head. Heal that, bub.

Rogue stealing powers is a good idea, but she ain’t faster than telepathy, and she can’t touch Kitty if she doesn’t want to be touched.

Could Nightcrawler teleport Shadowcat’s head off if she were phased?


Then how about Wolverine v. Ripped Shirt Kirk


Gotta pull for my boy Iceman here. If he’s quick enough, he can just freeze everyone’s innards. Not that he’d ever do that…