Shower or die?

Besides smelling what would happen if i didn’t take a shower for a couple weeks and what about a couple months and how bout a couple years? Are there any health problems that could happen? Can you die from now showering?

Assuming this means “Can you die from not showering?”, I would say that while death would be unlikely as a direct result of the cessation of bodily hygiene, I wouldn’t recommend taking your stinky self to an occasion such as a wedding of NRA members, or Hot Tub Night at the Hell’s Angels clubhouse.

And please keep the hell away from me :mad:

Human beings survived pretty well for millenia with some pretty awful hygene habits. They surely smelt narsty, though. Poor hygene also greatly increases the risk of infection and disease, and may scare potential mates away.

“Narsty”??? Careful, now, someone could take that as a personal affront! :mad: