Shower Time

Funny you mention that. In some of the state campgrounds they have water-saver showers that kick off after 30 seconds. I did a shower in two minutes just to see if it could be done. It can, and that includes washing hair.

At home, I’m usually out of the water in about 5-6 minutes tops.

Speaking as a poster, i apologize for dragging the other thread into this thread. I just wanted to correct a mistaken reading of it.

But this has been a cheerful thread about people’s various shower habits, and we’re probably all better off returning to that topic, and leaving the emotionally charged “why can’t you do this thing?” To the other thread.

I’m in the 20 minute range.

Besides enjoying a moment just enjoying the spray, I also shave and use a water pick in the shower. So, after I wash and rinse the body, I still need to wash my face, get the mirror set up (it’s got this thing where you fill a reservoir behind the mirror with water - it assists with keeping it fog free - and then put it on its stand), lather, wait for the lather to “work”, then shave, rinse the face, and then do two rounds of the handheld water pick across my teeth, which require me to fill it with water each time (during the second round, I also add a shot of mouthwash, so I have to pour that, also).

My lower back is often chronically hurting, so I usually end with some stiff legged stretching, too, which loosens me up for the day. It’s nice to do under the shower.

Hmm I am surprised that there are no depressed people here or people who have depressed housemates. My housemate - who is clinically depressed - takes about 25-30 minute showers at least twice per day. He works 5 days a week. He leaves at 5 am so there is no direct hold up except our water bill.
30 minutes in the morning and the another 30 minutes when he gets back. I only know about the second one - he never does anything except literally sit around playing the same video game over and over and over for hours at a time that would require him to be dirty outside of work.
He also sleeps for about 3-6 hours on those nights before he goes to bed.

In the police academy (on a former military base) there were communal showers with may 8-10 heads along the walls. After PT you started at one point and, basically, walked or ran through the running showers. Maybe you had a bar of soap, maybe not. In the evening there was time to take a proper shower before lights out so the stench never got too bad and our bunks were clean.

Can I apply to the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s slowest person? There’s only one other person in this thread who takes as long as I do. I can’t imagine taking a “thorough”
shower in any less time.

My morning ablutions take right at about 45 minutes, but that’s from when I sit up in bed, to being done and ready for the day. It includes going to the bathroom, showering all of me, not just the potentially stinky parts, washing my hair, shaving, putting my contacts in, brushing my teeth, combing my hair, getting dressed, and putting on some kind of lotion/aftershave if I scraped myself too much.

I’d guess the shower and hair washing takes about 15-20 minutes, including waiting for the water to warm up, soaping up the washcloth, rinsing it out, drying myself off, etc…

I have very untypical shower habits. I’ll say in advance that I’m currently unemployed and live alone in my own home, so hot water availability and time in the bathroom isn’t an issue.

I typically take from 25-40 minutes, but unless I’ve been sweating heavily I only shower maybe once a week; I do washcloth face, armpits and groin as needed and change into clean clothes daily. Surprisingly I don’t stink. I attribute this to the fact that except for washing my hands I almost never use soap- which is why when I do shower I take so long. I soak until dead skin and grime are loose enough to scrub off with a washcloth and shower brush. My hypothesis is that since I don’t regularly sterilize my skin, my skin flora have long since come to a healthy equilibrium. To clean my hair I use cornstarch like dry shampoo, rubbing it in, combing it out, then rinsing.

This (with water off while lathering) was also the recommended shower procedure during our Day Zero drought in 2018. It became a whole cultural thing.

Sooo glad I don’t live in a dry country. I know from camping that it’s impossible to shower in less than 3 minutes if I wash my hair, and it needs washing every day. And if you turn off our shower it takes over a minute to get hot again, so doing that would waste more water than it saves.

I have no idea how long I take; if I really concentrate on being quick then maybe 5-10 minutes, but usually I get distracted thinking of random things and slow down, or want to stand under the water for a while to get warm before stepping out into a cold bathroom.

What the hell are you people doing in there??? Female who takes 5 minute evening showers. I work out or go to the barn after work so I need to wash off before bed. I have shortish hair and wash it in the morning in the kitchen sink.

I take short showers with my hair tied out of the way, but if i wash my hair my shower will be long.

Well I’d imagine they are washing their hair. :woman_facepalming:

You wouldn’t want to do that if you had long hair. It makes it impossible to brush. I have hair down to my waist and I have to wash and then condition it every day.

TBF most people would only wash their hair in the sink if they didn’t have access to a shower.

Showercaps seem to be a thing of the past but they do help if you have long hair and don’t want to wash it every day. I have a cool one with red cherries on.

Why don’t you wash your hair when you take a shower? Washing hair in the kitchen sink sounds awkward and messy.

As for shower hats - I use one all the time. I don’t wash my hair every day - it gets too dry. So I plop on a shower hat.

In that thread, I told the story of having an early flight, and sleeping through my alarm. That’s when I discovered I could take a 3-minute shower.

So, armed with that knowledge, I know that anything over that is “me” time. So now I get in the shower, get clean, and then I turn up the hot water, relax and mutter the word " h y d r o t h e r a p y . . . "

It’s cheaper than other therapies.

Seriously, you might want to give the cornstarch method a try. Its big advantage is that it cleans your hair without stripping it.

Same. Most bathtubs are not built for people 6’ and over. So I have to relax with a long, usually lukewarm shower of at least 20 minutes. 45 is definitely not uncommon for me.

Back when my niece lived me, she made me feel as if I were squandering the nation’s resources every time I spent more than ten minutes in the shower. Cecil was right: junior eco-buffs are a curse.

I’d be kind of worried it wouldn’t come out again. Maybe I’ll try it if I can’t shower for some reason.