How long does your morning bathroom routine take?

I’ve been hearing lately that I take a long time over it, but I don’t think it’s longer than average.

I’m looking for a nice representative sample to get a sense of whether or not I really need to put more effort into hustling in the AM, and if so, how much.

How long should a BM, usual oral care, shave, and shower reasonably be expected to take?

I only have to pee in the morning, so I do that. Then I shower, which for me take 15-20 minutes because I have a lot of hair to care for, and then I put on lotion and hair difuser and all that good stuff, and then I eat breakfast, then brush my teeth. All in all about an hour.

I take about 10 minutes, the first 5 minutes of which are spent wondering why I’m upright, nude, and wet, and trying to go back to sleep anyway.

Shit, shower, shave = 20 to 25 minutes.
Brush teeth/floss = another 5.

All together about 30 minutes. I can do it quicker if need be, and on my days off I tend to take a much longer shower.

Shower, shave (in the shower), floss, get dressed, dry hair, put contacts in, brush teeth - 30-35 minutes

Seven minutes, start to finish. Five if I’m in a hurry.

I shower at night.

Most days I can go from bed to leaving for work in 35 minutes. My schedule is down pretty pat:

Wake up at 8 AM. Stagger out of bed.
Go pee.
Brush my teeth.
Take a shower.
Put in contacts.
Get dressed.
Comb hair, apply gel.
Go downstairs.
Heat up English muffin, put butter on it. Pour milk/juice. Get vitamins.
Eat English muffin & vitamins & milk. while reading a book or watching some movie.
Leave at 8:35 AM.

So I guess that’s 25 - 30 minutes upstairs.

I like to wake up as late as I possibly can so I have curtailed my morning activities to the bare minimum. Everything else I need to do I do in the evenings.

To clarify, only the actual showering is done in the shower. :smack:

I was out of bed, into the bathroom, wash, pee, shave, out again, put on clothes, shut off power, grab bag, check wallet and change pouch and phone, exit apartment, lock door, stuff key into pouch and pouch into pocket while walking down the hall, up stairs and exit building, run around corner and across street, and catch last bus to work… in 12 minutes today.

Stupid sleeping in.

Alarm goes off at 6:30
Out of bed at 6:35
Bathroom break, Shower, shave, contacts
Eat bowl of cereal and drink glass of OJ
Make lunch (if not done the night before)
Pack gym bag (if not done the night before)
Wake Lilly, Queen of the Universe
Let dogs out
Out the door by 7:15 most every morning

45 minutes from waking up to on the road

If I shower the night before, about 4 minutes.

If I don’t shower the night before. . .10 minutes.

I never shave in the morning. I can go a couple of days without based on my job and my hair growth rate, so I’ll shave in the evenings.

I consider every minute I spend before work as a minute I’ve lost AFTER work. And, the after work minutes are worth way more to me than before work minutes. Before work minutes are not leisure.

Five minutes, fifteen if I have to take the dog out. I shower in the evenings after returning from the gym. It was even shorter this morning because, as I didn’t realize until reading this thread, I forgot to take my morning wakey-happy-healthy pills. Whoops.

It takes me an hour from the alarm getting up to me leaving the house. However time spent actually in the bathroom is less than half of that: 5 minutes (for a dump) then a hiatus while I go and drink another coffee, take vitamins, and listen to the radio, then 15-20 minutes (shave, shower, brush teeth and put crap in my hair to stop it looking like a carpet).

Depends on when I wake up. I can shower, dress and brush teeth in about 15 minutes if I need to. I usually do these things in stages, though. 30 minutes tops, if I have to shave (I only need to shave every other day).

1 minute. Pee & put contacts in.

Thus is the joy of working at home :slight_smile:

30 min for shit, shower and dress. I eat breakfast and brush driving to work, 2 hr commute. But I purposely spend longer time on the toilet waking up my record is 15 min and that includes picking out cloths that at least don’t clash

20 - 25 minutes to shower, dry off, what passes for styling my hair, then put on makeup and clothes.

My husband, on the other hand, takes about 45 minutes. This makes me a little nuts because he insists he’s faster than I am, so he has the “slower” person go first (me) on days I’m supposed to leave early, then takes his sweet time getting the heck out of there so I can leave. We have a 15-month-old kid who requires supervision and interaction, so I can’t take off until he’s at least almost ready, so I’m usually five minutes late for work, which bugs the crap out of me.

I haven’t gotten any complaints yet, probably because several others on my team are also frequently late, but it’s irresponsible and makes me feel guilty.

:confused: Does that keep you from peeing more?

The alarm’s set for 5:11 and I’m out the door with fresh coffee at 5:35, so around 20 minutes for the bathroom stuff.

Gosh, I take at least an hour usually.

Pee, pick up book.
Sit on edge of tub, continue reading. Small cat sits in lap and I pet the other cat with my foot. This is usually 10 or 15 minutes.
Face cream.
Underwear, turn on iron.
Dry hair.
Scoop litter box.
Iron clothes.
Try on at least three pairs of shoes.
Pack gym bag.
Pack breakfast and lunch.
Out the door.

If I eliminated the reading with the cats and the dithering over shoes, I’d probably shave half an hour off my prep time.

That certainly ought to do the trick.

I use about 30 minutes to shower, comb hair, and get dressed, tops. However, I come back to the bathroom just before I leave the house to do makeup and teeth brushing. So about 40 minutes altogether. I save the BM till I get to work. :slight_smile: