"Showgirls" on VH-1

A damned funny movie got even funnier when it was shown on VH-1.

This is a movie with a whole lot of breasts in it. So many, in fact, that there’s no way you could simply eliminate or trim the scenes with breasts in them to render it sufficiently wholesome. And having horizontal black bars all over the place would have been a needlessly ham-fisted way of solving the problem.

What did they do?

They added tops to all the topless people using animation, giving the film a kind of Roger Rabbit-like look. Toward the end of the movie, where Nomi Malone beats up the guy who raped her friend, they do a particularly poor job – the colors on the animated top move around in highly noticeable ways. But I do give them an “A” for effort.

Adding the animated tops to all the girls must have been more difficult and taken more time than creating the actual movie itself. Of course, that’s not saying much…

I thought that movie was awful, but it was pretty funny to watch the animated tops.

TOO FUNNY! That is exactly what I said to my wife. This was the first time I saw show girls and it was a laugh a minute. They should have shown it on comedy central not VH1.

I had my back to the tv when it was on: I was too busy trying to conquer and run the world to watch, but now I wish I had… Now I know why Jenn was snickering.

A truly wretched film that will someday rank among the best of the campy B movies…sorry I missed the Roger Rabbit version on VH1.

The only thing worse than “Showgirls” is “Showgirls” without the T&A.


The best review I ever heard of Showgirls was: “This is a movie even Russ Meyer would be ashamed to admit he had paid to see.”

The only problem is, it wasn’t a B-movie at all. That entails a tiny budget. “Showgirls” cost $45 million (!) to make – which of course it came nowhere near recouping at the box office.

Actually, to be a B-movie, it must look like it had a tiny budget. :smiley:

Another stupid thing they did was edit out the cursing with a voice totally unlike that Saved By the Bell chick.

I watched the first ten minutes with hubby and quit after her obvious string of “fuck fuck FUCK!” was edited out and changed to a huskier voiced woman saying “damn.”

Even a blind person could read her lips though.

Sounds like I didn’t miss a thing. Hubby also mentioned the Roger Rabbit thing.