Showing OGG Vorbis Tags In Windows Exlporer

Windows XP: If you look at WMA files in the “My Music” folder you can see column headings that show the files tag information. Examples are Album Title, Track Name or Title, Author, etc.

Is there a way to show OGG Voribs tags in Windows Explorer?


I’d be curious to know if there is an answer to this myself.

Doesn’t anyone know anything about this?

I don’t have any OGG files to test this on, but try one of these two things:

  1. right-click the file, choose ‘properties’ and then the “summary” tag. Is there anything there? If not, there’s no info to show in Explorer anyway. You can add your own info by double-clicking to the right of each property so a form field shows up and you can type in the info.

  2. Go to google or and search “ogg tagger” for any of the thousands of softwares that will help you manage your music files’ tags.
    This is just a WAG, though. As I said, I don’t have any OGG files to play with and I’ve never even worked with them.

One-click Tag Editor says it will do it. It costs $20 with a 14-day trial. I found that on this page which has a lot of different programs. There may be another free version on that page.

I found this stuff on google, so I can’t vouch for any of the programs.

I think what you want can be accomplished by writing a Windows Explorer shell extension. This isn’t too hard of a task, so I would be surprised if there isn’t a free version somewhere.

Thanks for the reply everyone. I already have a tag editor. I just want Windows File Manager to show the tags like it does with WMA files. :slight_smile: