Showing sig. (Always)

Somehow between my last sig line and my new one, I know have to click “show sig” after every reply. Is this new, or am I missing a simple, yet, unkno…well simple step?

The SDMB default was changed some months ago from “always show sig unless checked” to “show sig only when checked.” It was done to avoid excessive redundancy.

I don’t see any option in the CP to alter your personal setting. However, it is probably a good practice to check the “show sig” box only once in any thread in which you participate. No one’s sig, including mine, is so good that we need to read it repeatedly.

Yes,sigs get real boring,real quick. Once a thread is plenty.
And I’ve noticed some sigs that are way over four lines. I’m surprised the mods haven’t taken steps to stop this,or maybe they have by now.
I only use my sig to show that my post wasn’t serious,as some people have castigated me in the past for what they thought was serious,when it was only my brand of sarcasm or humor.

Yes, and another good guideline is, “Your sig should not be longer than your post.