Question on posting my signature

Is there a way to get my signature to show up on every post without having to check the little box each time?

Click on User Control Panel, then select Edit Options on the left side. About halfway down you can put a check mark in Show Signature. Then click the **Save Changes ** button at the bottom of the page.

You might want to read some of the stickies, one of them specifically prohibits display of sig in every post.

Be aware that using one’s sig in ever/many posts is considered a bit of a faux pas to some people. I think the general rule is to use it once per page.

However, this, I’m pretty sure, is not a rule given by the SDMB staff.

All depends on the definition of “Rule” and “Staff”. Arnold W. (Arguably a member of the staff) says not to do it here:

Its post #14. (Must to learn to link single post)

Right-click on the post number. Select “Copy Shortcut”. Paste.

Thanks Liberal. I’ve been wondering about that for quite a while.

Yea thanks Liberal, you da man.

A quick overview on sig files and their uses:

A signature should not be longer than the post it is attached to. General rule of thumb around here is 4 lines and/or spaces in totality. (Yes, you can use a smaller size of type to squeeze more text in, but be reasonable, please.)

Using a signature once per page of a thread is usually sufficient. We used to be strict about this back when we had more server problems, but it’s not so critical now. It is polite, though.

No personal ads in sig files; advertise your ebay auctions or other needs elsewhere, please. We have on occasion authorized such links in sig files in certain situations, but you need to clear these situations with us before posting.

We have disabled the “show signature in every post” option in favor of the other way around; we want you to think before you click. I have been asked if I could make this an option for those who really want to see a sig file in every post, but I’m not so sure I want to test putting that combined load on the server.

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