How do I get my signatures to attach by default? For some reason, the default setting on my account seems to be to leave the signature off unless I check the box every time I post. Any way to fix this?

From the FAQ sticky at the top of this forum (ATMB):

We’re an extremely high-traffic board, and limiting signatures is one of the many ways we attempt to save on server resources.

Nope. I’m afraid not.

Don’t have one.

I for one will think you are much cooler.

They are lame.

Ahh, OK, thanks. The FAQ linked at the top of the message board pages didn’t mention anything about that, but now that I look at it again, it seems to be for the software in general and not for this board in particular. Thanks a bunch.

Revel in this place’s relative siglessness. I don’t mind seeing them occasionally, but I can’t help but think that the people who display them with every post - especially if they’re big - are just unbearably lame. Making it a once-in-awhile thing allows us to find them clever rather than annoying.

Actually, that’s one of my favorite features in the more recent versions of
vB - the option a user has to hide all sigs.

Also, I don’t think you’ll ever find “big sig lines” here. When I was modding, we were pretty strict about limiting sigs to just three lines. I dunno if the staff still enforces it as stringently as we used to.

We now punish offenders by garrote.

Where’s the WUV, Ukulele Ike? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Awesome, Uke. Kin I have my old job back? I’ll supply my own piano wire.

Be careful of what you ask for.

your humble TubaDiva

Speaking of that old job, shouldn’t you be an SDSAB?

Apparently not.

I’d always gathered that sigs were limited to no more than four lines, and that the etiquette was to display them only in your first post in a thread, and not in subsequent posts. Anyway, I like 'em: you can have my sig when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

Yeah, I guess. When I re-upped my subscription, the software hung that other tag on me.

I thought SDSAB got in free?

You could have taken that European holiday with the money you saved :smiley:

Well, those standards are certainly not enforced. Then there’s Bosda, who normally does limit his sig to under four lines, but makes up for it with big-ass text.

Which is annoying, since I do like certain sigs and don’t want to turn them off just to deal with the super-clueless.

They/we do. But I paid anyway. The first year I paid because I wanted to do a search - I don’t remember the exact details, but the timing between moving the SDSAB group to full membership privileges from guest status was weird somehow. And this year I paid again, because, well, I forgot I could have a free membership.

Or finally get that newspaper I’ve been savin’ up for.

Hell, I saw the title of the thread, and I’m doing the following:

Testing my signature.

The heck with you guys, for once, I’m following a thread title!!