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Oh, how incredibly annoying. I hate the iMessege thing, and all the ways it plays badly with anyone outside of the iWorld.

Well, you can look them up, they are standard Unicode emoji. :confetti_ball: and :hugs:? I recommend as a reference for this it’s pretty fun! It’s also fun to compare how emojis look visually in different operating systems and platforms.

The plugin itself has a default set of emoji reactions but it can be customized by the site operators to taste.

Protip based on your operating system, there are emoji hotkeys. In Windows 10 it is Win+. … on Mac it is (apparently, I don’t use Macs) ctrl+cmd+space. Then you can search for emojis by name.

And yes! This is SUPER annoying, though it works seamlessly in the perfect world where everyone is on iOS devices :wink: I like the Android OS, but the hardware it’s on (hello Qualcomm monopoly) is, sadly, just… utter crap.

I don’t know their names, and there are a very large number of unicode emoji. How can I look them up? Is there an easier way than scanning the entire emoji list?

Well, I can tell you the far right one is well known, and pretty much looks like what it is: hug. :hugs: so I type “hug” in the emoji dialog after pressing win+. as I am in Windows 10.

The other one, I don’t know what it is… a confetti ball? :thinking: ah yes, typing “confe” gets it, at least in Windows :confetti_ball:. Let me try my iPhone. Yeah, they just added emoji search (thank god!) in the latest version of iOS and indeed, pressing the emoji button on the on-screen iOS keyboard and typing “confe” in the search field gets a few confetti related emoji.

So there’s a mapping of words to emoji, but it varies by operating system, and some are certainly more obvious than others…

Bolding mine. You missspelled “Apple products”.

They’re not bad products as such. But their deliberate incompatibility, designed with profit malice aforethought, puts them beyond the pale. Literally. As in “banished beyond my defensive perimeter”.

I own several apple products, and like them. But I do hate the intentional incompatibility, and I’m moving away from Apple. The laptop I’m typing on is the first serious laptop I’ve ever bought that runs Windows.

Thanks. But IS there a way to look up a cryptic emoji, short of scanning the entire list?

And that one looks happy, but honestly, it looks more like someone waving their hands than like a hug, at least to me. It’s funny, because I hang with people who use all sorts of emoji, but I don’t think I’ve run into that one before.

Agreed. I’ve seen that one many times. I know it connotes something happy, not sad. It would never occur to me that it represents a hug.

Emojis suck. (or at least the more obscure ones do. Use your words people :wink:

I love emojis! Some of my favorites are
:smiley: :rofl: :wink: :thinking: :roll_eyes: :cry: :woman_shrugging: :+1:
But I hadn’t seen or used those two. And I’m not sure what I’d use :confetti_ball: for. I have used :partying_face:

What I did was listen to both sides of the argument and came up with a compromise that is already in place.

Yes, that’s part of the compromise. You know, a solution for both sides, not just yours.

It serves the same purpose. Remember compromise, both sides get a say. Nobody will be confused if you use a plus 1 instead of a like button. They will know what you mean.

If you absolutely must have a button that says like on it, I can’t help you out, hence a compromise that will work for both sides.

WTF? No one wants to see a thread with 50 people quoting the same post and adding “+1.”

It is so funny how upset Boomers get when something tries to drag them kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

In this thread, I haven’t tried anywhere else, but if you mouse over the emoji it shows you the name of it. Like this is not a smiley face, but a :full_moon_with_face:

You can’t help because you are not in a position of authority, not because anyone is making an unreasonable request.

Even if you were in the place to offer a compromise (you aren’t), “here is a thing which already exists and should be good enough” is not a compromise.

You may not like it but it is a compromise. Everybody gets something.

Where have you ever seen a thread that had multiple thumbs up on it? This option has been here all the time, very few people bother to use it. Do you really think you are gonna see 50 thumbs up posts?

I’m not a boomer, nor am I upset. You are the one calling people luddites and yelling WTF. I simply offered an easy to implement compromise but apparently some people, like you, need to get everything they want or they freak out.

Ah. I was using a laptop with a touchscreen, so mouse over is disabled. I did try quoting the post to see the text, and to my surprise, it showed up as an emoji, not as text with colons. Interestingly, now that I’m using my phone, it’s showing me the text in the quote box.


That’s the whole point why people want a Like button. I really don’t understand what is so bothersome about that.

It’s really rather amusing. People here like to claim that this board has the “smartest and best” posters on the internet!!1 but if even the tiniest change were to be implemented to give those same “smartest and brightest” posters any kind of agency, they’ll all suddenly turn into idiotic Youtube commenters who only do things for the Likes and have flashing sparkly avatars and OMG the sky is falling, waaaaaaaahhhhhh!

Every other board I read has a like system and not a single one has had any of the issues people like to claim will happen here.

I mean we have someone confusing a like button with an emoji.

“Get in the car, we’re getting dinner.”
“Great! I’d like a hamburger.”
“Let’s go to Taco Bell.”
“But… I said I’d prefer a hamburger.”
“You can get a taco with meat, cheese, lettuce, and tomato. That’s basically a burger.”
“…no it isn’t.”
“Look, we’re compromising. We both get something we want - I get a taco and you get a burger.”
“I don’t think any of those words mean what you think those words mean.”

There are those that want a like button and those who don’t. Clearly this is never going to come to any sort of consensus. And since many posts are getting too snippy for ATMB, I think it’s best to close this.

Thread closed.