Shows that have many old and long time characters return for the last episode (possible spoilers).

Erick Foreman returned for the last ep of That 70s Show. The last couple seasons of that show were pretty rough but his scene reuniting him and Donna was very good.

I don’t think “Cheers” had any members except for Shelley Long leave the show (and of course Nick Colasanto passed away), but she returned for the final episode as Diane.

Bitty Schramm returned as Sharona near the end of “Monk’s” run, but it wasn’t the final episode.

It wasn’t a final episode of a series, but in Matt Smith’s final episode as Doctor, Amy Pond appeared again even though the actress had left the show earlier.

It felt very similar in nature.

Thank you for remembering that H:LoTS existed. I cried so hard at that movie. “Sit down.”

MAS*H had a couple, including Alan Arbus’s character (but not, like, Larry Linville, MacLean Stevenson, Wayne Rogers or Loudon Wainwright III). X-Files had several, including four ghosts, Krychec and the Lone Gunmen. It’s been over 30 years for the former and about 12 years for the latter, so spoilers ahoy.

I’m a little surprised Buffy the Vampire Slayer didn’t have more, but its sister show **Angel **was still going on all cylinders.

All the big bad villains appeared in the opening episode of their final season as manifestations of the First Evil. About as close as it gets to a big return near the end.

Spoiler for Community:

Shirley returns in a cameo on the last ep of season 6 on Yahoo. It’s on the site now.

Came in to say this.

I didn’t think Eric was the standout character in that show, but I did miss him in the last season. The pack seemed incomplete without him.