Shows that have many old and long time characters return for the last episode (possible spoilers).

What are some shows that have done this? Have, like, most or even all of the main characters return in the last episode, either in their own scenes or one, big “all the characters together” scene?

I can think of three off hand (videos included):

Seinfeld (don’t watch if you have not seen the last episode of Seinfeld)

Scrubs (don’t watch if you have not seen the last episode of Scrubs)

Glee (don’t watch if you have not seen the last episode of Glee)

Cheers, Parks and Rec, ST:TNG

The last episode of “Perry Mason” had the big three of Raymond Burr, Barbara Hale and William Hopper. William Talman, whose appearances were reduced the last few years because of legal troubles (Burr prevented him losing his job entirely) got to lose the case but invited Mason to dinner (actually Lt Drumm-Richard Anderson–delivered the invite). Lee Miller, who turned 98 two weeks ago, made his 116 appearance in 271 episodes. One of my favorite things about this episode is Perry Mason character Earl Stanley Gardner was the second judge and many of the crew were interviewed as part of the investigation. Whodunit? Can’t reveal “The Final Fadeout” here.

That was great show and brilliant idea to stage the murder on the TV set to include the crew.

The West Wing:

[spoiler]Near the end, a lot of people who had appeared off and on on the show appeared for Leo’s funeral a.k.a. the John Spencer memorial. (Including such people as Ainsley Hayes.) But the real big return was Rob Lowe for a few episodes near the end.

And why didn’t Ed and Larry get their own show? They practically held things together![/spoiler]

Quantum Leap. In the final episode Sam met a few old friends he had made on previous leaps … sort of.
It wasn’t the final episode, but the 20th anniversary episode of *Doctor Who *had guest appearances by several old characters.

ER brought back many cast members (whose characters were still alive) for the series finale. Not sure if it was “most,” but certainly some unexpected ones.

Rhoda and Phyllis returned for a visit in the final episode of the Mary Tyler Moore show.

The controversial ending of Lost brought back a lot of dead/old characters.

The final episode of Homicide: Life on the Street was set up as a TV movie, and had every actor who ever was a regular member of the cast in it – including a couple who played characters who died.

The final episode of Dallas (the original series) brought back Gary and Valene, Ray, Sue Ellen, Kristin and some others whom I’ve forgotten over the years.

In the last episode of “Barney Miller” he had mental flashback visions about most of the older cast members, like Abe Vigoda, Jack Soo, Gregory Sierra and Linda Lavin; also a fair number of former perps and complainants also stopped by to say good-bye (the precinct was closing for good that day).

The last season of How I Met Your Mother had many of their memorable characters come back, and one of the last episodes (I can’t remember which one- I want to say Gary Blauman, but I don’t know) has a ‘where are they now’ segment where they tell the audience what happened to a lot of secondary characters from over the series.

Did Ron Howard return for the final Happy Days episode? I seem to recall him in that finale episode.

I know for certain he was in the Andy Griffith back to Mayberry tv movie.

I checked, and wikipediaconfirms Ron Howard was in the finale, he attended Joanie/Chachi wedding. video

Yeah, “Gary Blauman” was the name of the episode - it was the two episodes before the two-part finale.

Weird about that, the actress that played the female detective ‘Roz’ in a three-episode arc also previously played the wife of one of the semi-regular citizens (the guy who kept promoting a vigilante group). In the finale she appeared as the wife, her previous character, not the more recent female detective.

Ron Howard also actually appeared for the first time in the (sort of) series finale of Arrested Development after narrating every episode. In fact, he had the very last line in the very last shot! (not counting the show’s eventual revival on Netflix).

Head of Class’s finale had child prodigy Janice Lazarotto return from her studies at Harvard to pick up her high school diploma.

The fact that I knew this without googling it is very nerdish…

CSI is about to have its finale and both William Peterson and Marg Helenburger are expected to appear, so add this one on the list soon.

Steve Carell appeared in the final Office.

Oh man, there goes my theory that Sara murdered Grissom and keeps his body in a chair in their “living” room.

Oh well, if I don’t watch the finale, it can still be so.