Shows with emphasis on banter

I second MASH***, especially any scene where Klinger and Potter exchange such witticisms as “Fear not, O Great One!” and “Horseapples!”

For those who remember the short-lived series Barbary Coast, the banter between William Shatner and his co-star Doug McClure (Dennis Cole in the pilot) reached epic proportions. They were obviously directed to be as cute as bugs.

Taxi episodes that focused on Tony.

Folks if I ever die, just mix Terentii’s and Burpos DNA please.

Of course I remember Barbary Coast! I once fooled my sister that Star Trek had been renewed and this was a time travel ep

Absolutely Fabulous…


Veronica Mars
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Yeah, Mash and its movie nailed banter.

And yet, they still make new inside jokes even in the third season and after.

My wife and I still call Googling “something search” and that joke came out in season 4, one of the Netflix ones.

I want you to sit in the corner now and think about what you’ve done.