Shut Up and Leave Me Alone!

It’s bad enough this is the third weekend in a row that I’ve had to work. I don’t want to be here to begin with, and now I’m here with YOU! I don’t like you to begin with either, and I sure as hell don’t appreciate having to spend the last three weekends with you. In fact, I would find listening to a John Tesh/Yoko Ono duet 8 hours a day every Saturday and Sunday while simultaneously having my body shaved with a dull straight razor by a blind man with Parkinson’s Disease more enjoyable than another weekend with you.

You have your job to do, I have mine. Leave me the hell alone. If I wanted to know what’s on CNN, I would turn on the little speaker on my desk so I could hear the TV. I don’t need to hear your fucking opinion on every news item that comes up. I don’t care about your opinion on Bush or Gore. I don’t care about how you think Clinton should deal with the Middle East peace talks. I don’t give a shit if Bobby Knight yelled at that kid, beat the kid stupid with a crowbar, or gave the kid an atomic wedgie. If CNN does a breaking news story about a spaceship landing in the parking lot outside demanding to see ME so they may bestow upon me the secrets of time travel and immortality that I may share this with the world or else they will kill every puppy and kitten on the planet before anally raping our livestock, I don’t want to hear about it from YOU.

In short, let me suffer through yet another damn weekend at work without you talking to me every five minutes! It wouldn’t be so bad, if you actually discussed something with me, but you have your opinion and if I take a different viewpoint, you get all loud and excited about how wrong I am. When I tried to explain my side, you cut me off with “No, no, no, that’s not right.” If you quit interupting me maybe I could finish a sentence and you could see my point of view. Instead you want to go on a tirade about every item you see in the paper or on TV and expect me to agree.

Well fuck you. I’m here to do this bullshit job for the third weekend in a row and go home. I don’t care about your opinions anymore, since you don’t give a shit about mine. Let’s just do our 8 hours here and go home. Our respective jobs here do not intersect, so I don’t see why we need to talk to each other at all. If I want to argue with someone, I’ll tell my girlfriend her new pants make her look fat.

*the above all directed at a specific co-worker with whom I’ve given up on trying to have an intelligent conversation. Yet he continues to try to discuss his opinions with me regardless of the fact that I’ve told him there’s no point in arguing with him since he doesn’t listen to anyone else’s ideas.

Now that is fuckin precious! I give it a 9 :smiley:


Thanks GaWd, I like that line too. As soon as I wrote it, I thought about making it my sig line. I’ll wait until I change my name though before changing the sig.

GOD DAMMIT! He’s at it again!

We went to a ball game as part of a team building exercise for work on Thursday. (Cards won over the Expos 6-1) It was his and my first time riding the MetroLink to downtown. Now, here it is, 3 days later, and he’s going off about how the Metro driver announced we were heading West-East, when Ervin (the co-worker) thinks we were heading North-South. SO FUCKING WHAT!!! We got there, didn’t we? Yes, we started in North County, but from the airport, downtown is South-East, so technically we were heading east. But we could have been going striaght down for all it mattered. WE GOT TO THE STADIUM! The MetroLink is new, there’s only one track you can take on it right now anyway, was he afraid he’d get on the wrong train?

Now he’s off about how there is no direct link west-East and how it’s going to cost all this money to re-do the MetroLink system and how it’s all going to be obsolete in 10 years. SHUT UP, ERVIN What the hell do I know about building a train system? Why would they have to re-do anything just to add more track? How the fuck do I know what the guy meant by saying we’re going West-East instead of North-South? How is it going to be obsolete when the time and money comes along to build onto it? THERE’S ONLY ONE METROLINK RAIL TO TAKE ANYWAY! You are NOT going to end up on the wrong train because he said one direction when he meant another! Leave me alone about shit I know nothing about, nor can I do anything about it!

I swear to God, if he does this shit again tomorrow, you may not hear from me on the boards for some time. I don’t think they’ll let me have access to the internet while I’m doing time in prison for manslaughter.

Ervin? His name is Ervin? ::snicker:: Man, he deserves to be flamed based on his name alone.

Yes, his name is Ervin. I had a few words about him before, when I was still a little newbie. Ervin has only gotten worse since then. My supervisor hasn’t changed and is still a complete waste of misfiring synapses.

He’s been pretty quiet to me today. I wonder if he checks the SDMB when he’s at home . . .

"Excuse me, please, I need to work."

For some reason, this is the last response to the office pest that anyone ever thinks of.

And it’s always just as you tamp down that last shovelful of dirt on their shallow grave, too.

Except on the weekends, when there isn’t much work to be done. He sits right next to me and often looks at my screen to see what I’m doing, just out of curiousity. There’s precious little to do around here on the weekends and we run on a skeleton crew. If he sees me sending personal emails and posting to certain message boards, he knows I don’t have any pressing project to finish.

His personality just grates my nerves and I wish I could spend the weekends in peace, minding my own business without getting dragged into a debate or argument over something I really don’t give a shit about. Anymore I just keep my back to him, typing away on the keyboard, nodding my head and and going “mm-hmm . . . yeah . . . mm-hmm”

Why don’t you arrange for him to see you editing this thread?

******* ERVIN, ERVIN ********

Just a thought.