Siamese Triplets Born to Insane Parents!

One of those AP wire stories that makes you ralize this is—thank goodness-a slow news day:

Nashville, TN - Last week to the amazement of everyone, three souls were brought into the world. The amazing part is that these three souls all happen to be connected to each other’s body. “I had 8 children already and thought I knew enough about being pregnant so I decided not to go to the doctor and just wing it,” said the mother. “I knew I had 3 fetuses inside me because I have had twins before and knew what multiple ones felt like.” “When they turned out to be triplets connected at the hip, I rushed her to the hospital for special help,” says the father.

The parents knew that they were special babies and needed special names. “We decided to call them Bob, Bobby, and Bobrella after our favorite person, Psychic Bob, and we hope to get contact with him to ask if our babies will live long enough to turn at least 25,” comments the parents.

The Siamese triplets all have separate organs except for their feet and legs. The parents plan not to separate them because they are worth a lot more money to them if they are not cut into three people. “No one wants to see a freak show with three former Siamese triplets, they want the real deal and the real deal pays!” explains the mother.

—Note: I hope, I reallllly hope, it turns out that the newswires were faked out by some trickster . . .

I’m guessing hoax, myself.

What no link? No cite?
No dice.

BTW are we to assume that siamese triplets were birthed naturally with no c-section?

I’ve heard of a set of triplets with conjoined twins before. Check out Facts About Multiples for details; click on the “Conjoined Twins” link for more information.

However, I think this “news” item is a hoax; I don’t think it’s possible for that to happen. Not that I’m an expert or know everything about this particular subject, but something seems dodgy about that whole thing.

[sub]Yes, the words “Siamese triplets” drew me into this thread… :D[/sub]

Shit, they could be novuplets joined at the ears, but there’s just no excuse for a name like “Bobrella”. Ye Gads.

[sub]Yeah, 10 bucks says it’s a hoax.[/sub]

Yes, but here’s the thing-apparently, the last one is female?
So, since only fraternal twins/triplets can be one male, other female, etc, they would be two separate babies. They wouldn’t be joined. Aren’t co-joined babies usually identical-from one egg that didn’t split properly?

There was a link to this story on

I’m sure it’s a joke. I live outside of Nashville and haven’t heard anything locally.

This source says there have been no documented cases of Siamese tripets.

Plus, if they “share feet and legs,” then they presumably have a common crotch. How did they know Bobrella was a girl? Was she born with a pink bow on her head?

She “rushed them to the hospital” after giving birth?? Meaning she gave birth at home to conjoined triplets?? I don’t think so.

There are more “news” stories on the homepage of the site linked above.

Did these people scoop the Onion?

I got it from the 1010 WINS newswire (WINS is an all-news radio station). I an 99.95% sure it’s a hoax: no hospital, no names, no doctors. never knewe 1010 WINS was so gullible . . . (Now just watch, it’ll turn out to be true, and won’t I look a right prat!)

I think the whole “Bob, Bobby, and Bobrella” just screams hoax. Let alone the medical implausibility of a home birth. (Joined at the legs??? They’d practically have to come out sideways! OUCH!)

Come on. What mother would say such a thing?

The whole article is written in a very informal non-newslike manner. It’s definitely fake.

Can you even have siamese fraternal twins?

What I’m wondering is, how did it wind up on a newswire service? It’s still there as of right now, too!

Fraternal twins develop from separate eggs. Conjoined twins develop when a single egg doesn’t separate completely.

This is one of the most inane things I’ve ever read.

You guys need to click on the link that InternetLegend provided. It’s a fake news site.

No . . . you can’t.