Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. But I’m not going to devote my time, attention and emotional energy to a that most trivial and pointless of activities: a power struggle over a bulletin board. If I want that sort of entertainment, I’ll watch my sons try to divide a pie fairly.

I really liked this place. It used to be a place where adults hung out. I don’t know what happened, but I haven’t seen such a bunch of whiny contentious teenagers since I dropped my kids off at school this morning.

I have better things to do with my time. I’m outta here.

To all the assholes out there (you know who you are): Thanks for turning a nice community into just another Usenet pissing contest stadium.

And Ed, with all due respect, you’re a schlemozle. I absolutely fail to understand why you let these pissants walk all over you. Whatever, it’s your board, and I wish you the best of success.

To my friends: You know where to find me. I still have e-mail and ICQ. I obviously won’t be hanging out on #straightdope.

When I leave, I leave. Perhaps I’ll check back in a month or so to see if the management has reasserted control over the crybabies here and this is again a community of adults. Until then I’m not going to lurk or take potshots. I’m just going to go.

For the record: I was in #straightdope last night when SingleDad was there. At some point the topic came around to the latest in the Zotti vs. Teeming Posters saga. For reasons unclear to me, SD left the chatroom and returned a few minutes later. Seeing one (1) co-chatter say one (1) thing about Ed, SingleDad left again, without comment.

I’m really unclear as to why the Zotti-talk would distress you so, SD. I’ve avoided getting involved in the latest debate on the board, even though I have a few choice words on the subject. Can’t you just let it slide past you and get on with things? Or, alternatively, if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the Pit? The debate is pretty well confined to a few isolated Pit-threads, after all…

Maybe he had better things to do with his time. Said to himself “they’re going to be discussing this topic, which I really don’t want to hear more about, for a few minutes. Maybe I’ve got some real work to do. Who knows? As you said, he didn’t comment.”

SingleDad, I’m gonna miss ya, but on the bright side, I now know I’m not going to get held to my promise to continue the “The US is already a Libertarian Society” debate. Debating you is just so… hard.

Damn. Fuck. Shit.

One of our best posters.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

You will be sorely missed, SingleDad.


What Wally said!


Yes, SD will be missed, but at least he took the high road and just said, “I’m outta here” instead of participating in the melee.

Gotta give him credit for that.

The SDMB Smoke-out continues
Delta-9 has been smoke-free for:
3 days, 15 hours, 42 minutes and 42 seconds
73 cigarettes not smoked, saving 14.62
Life saved: 6 hours, 5 minutes

Bummer. I’ve gotta echo the sentiments about crybabies and lack of control.

Don’t go.

I normally avoid these contretemps, being content to move threads and otherwise try to make GQ a better place for our members. But this one got me. I’m posting here a slightly edited version of an email I will be sending to SingleDad later today.

Dear SingleDad,

I read your post in the Pit, and I wish and hope that you’ll reconsider. We mods and admins have actually have got some pretty thick skins, and for the most part we let stuff like the recent uproar roll off our backs.

We “let these pissants” walk all over" us because we really do want the Straight Dope Message Board to be as open a forum as possible. If we started throwing people out every time someone complained about the job we did, we’re concerned that we’d make those who didn’t complain afraid to raise legitimate concerns.

We’re well aware that the people engaging in this sort of behavior make up a tiny fraction of our customer base, and we thrive on trying to provide a good environment for the other 99% of the existing membership and for the new members such as yourself, who are joining at a rate faster than ever.

I suppose that one thing we haven’t done a good enough job thinking about is how these silly spats mar the experience for people like you. We’re a little uncertain as to how to react in terms of how to keep the disputes from roiling our other customers. We have tried to limit the contact experienced by “non-combatants” by moving the disputes to the BBQ Pit as soon as we see them. If you have additional suggestions, we’re pretty good listeners (the impressions of a few to the contrary). But we really do want to avoid banning people willy-nilly.

So to reiterate, I do wish you’d reconsider your decision to leave the Straight Dope. You’ve been among the finer additions to our membership in a long while. I think if you avoid clicking on the BBQ Pit link, you’ll find that the amount of disruption caused by this sort of thing will really be quite minimal.

But yeah, Ed is a schlemozle. :stuck_out_tongue:


:: applauds ::

You always were one of the good guys.

Single Dad:

You are one of the only new posters to come along whom I have really liked (note to others who are offended at this - I don’t know you yet… Give me time.) and I do hope you will stay.

Yer pal,

Four days, 19 hours, 35 minutes and 5 seconds.
192 cigarettes not smoked, saving $24.08.
Life saved: 16 hours, 0 minutes.

Profanity fails me at this moment.


The board will be poorer without you SD .
I was starting to learn something.


Do not wait for the last judgement-It takes place every day
CAMUS-The Fall

Single, I too will miss you and hope…

Screw it. This is the Pit. Dammit, Single, the piss-ant crap that you are complaining about is only a tiny portion of this board. Most of the really crappy threads are readily identified by their titles, and thus easily avoided. By leaving this board, you are personally responsible for lowering both the sanity and intelligence level here, and putting a heavier load on the rest of us. You have shown the ability to fight ignorance, so leaving now would be, IMHO, a gross neglect of your (insert diety of your choice here)-given talents.
Stick it out, and be the Teemster we know you to be!

Eagles may soar free and proud, but weasels never get sucked into jet engines.

I hope you’ll honor your word and come back.

I don’t know who this Gloria chick is, but she seems to have done a number on ya.

I think she’s Spiritus Mundi’s sister.

DAMNIT…what else can I say?

FTR Max, I told you (and informed SD that I did so) why I felt he left the conversation. He is not into the politics end of the boards.

I do know that he has come to like the SD and has found it to be one of the better ones out there…so if that says something about the administration, something is working right.

What isn’t working is “the people” think this is their board and making every little move that Ed does into some conspiracy…something I think he detests with great degree.

SingleDad…I wish you’d come back, you will be missed.

Maybe we could start a forum called
“Broken records”

Seriously this is such a huge drag.

There just must be something we could do.

What if it was just another unexplained, ‘computer bug’, y’know only ‘some’ posts magically disappear.

Wisdom is the boobie prize,they give you when you’ve been --unwise!

Well, it’s probably too late for this, but you might get a fair split of the pie lieke this:

One son gets to cut the pie (or two-serving piece of pie) into two pieces – in any proportion he wants. The other son gets to choose which piece he wants. I’d guess that the one doing the cutting will be very careful to make the pieces exactly the same size! :slight_smile:

So long, Single Dad.

“I must leave this planet, if only for an hour.” – Antoine de St. Exupéry

Are you a turtle?

SingleDad, please don’t go. You’ve been a wonderful addition to the board and I’ve greatly enjoyed reading your posts. Your absence will definitely lower the IQ average around here.

Before you seriously leave, please go the MPSIMS and read aha’s thread Dear Ed . . . an open letter and Eve’s thread “You’re the Top” .

Everything that’s said on these matters doesn’t get said in the Pit.

There are a lot of wonderful people here who love the SDMB and admire the admins and mods. Don’t let the whiners and party-poopers drive you away. We need every warrior in the fight against ignorance!

Although sometimes I think the motto should read “Fighting immaturity . . .” instead of "Fighting ignorance . . . "

You’ve got a point there, brother - and one of these days I’m going to figure out what it is. - Cecil Adams

I’d just like to add my voice to the chorus of folks here hoping SingleDad wil return and thinking that it will be a damn shame if he does not.

I think manhattan’s post above is the most eloquent expression of the moderating philosophy of this board that I’ve seen, and the one true valuable thought to come out of this contretemps (his much more polite word for shitstorm). The management here lets the pissers and whiners piss and whine here in the Pit so we can avoid foul noise and juvenile antics if we want to. Like Cecil’s willingness to answer any question no matter how bizzare-appearing, this tolerance of juvenile complaining and overreaction is a sign of the administration’s strength, not weakness.

SingleDad, you are one of the few posters I have seen in my time here who made an immediate, positive impact. I refer to your introduction of the descriptions of logical fallacies to the board. By giving us all the tools to identify fallacies, you raised the level of many of the great debates significantly.

So, SingleDad, I would implore you to ignore the train wrecks that occur here periodically (as compelling as they seem to be to watch), and concentrate on interacting with the adult posters who so value your company.