I don’t like it when a Doper inserts “[sic]” into a quoted post after a typo or mistake.

I think it’s indicative of an attitude of smarmy self-righteousness. When one inserts “[sic]” after someone else’s innocent tyop, one is in fact admitting his own inferiority and lack of self confidence. It is a hard to define, subtle gesture that says, “I am going to show the world that your finger slipped to the left.”

There is no reason to put “[sic]” after an ordinary mistake which is so obvious that everyone knows what was meant in the first place. It does not make you appear smarter or the other person appear less brilliant. In fact, it makes you appear obnoxious and elitist, obsessed with insignificant matters of editorial quality instead of the subject matter at hand.

So stop it.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Editorial quality is important. Cogent sentences and organized thought are vital tools in the communication of ideas. But all brilliant writers (and there are many here) make dumb mistakes from time to time. In an informal atmosphere like a message board, it is improper to expect that every post can be spell checked and proofread by a professional copyeditor.

In conclusion, I would like to extend a big fat rigid middle finger toward the faces of those witless intellectual posers who find the liberal sprinkling of “[sic]” so satisfying.
Thank you and goodnight.

Oh, the irony…

I think that typo was on puropse.

Incidentaly, I don’t remember ever seeing [sic] used on this board. Can we have a linck?

I agree; it’s perhaps useful when quoting external sources though.

Tell me the tyop was a baited hook though, please

Hook, line and sinker. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh. And here I thought this would be a rant against (sic) by Sean Landers and I was all set to defend it.

Carry on, then.

I get em all the fuckin’ time. I could not agree more with the OP. I would like to add a nice:

Suck my left nut, bitch!

to all who engage in such petty behaivior. Start from the back and move your tounge in slow counter clockwise circles until you reach the front then suck and slurp for a good 15. Crazy foolz. How’s that whole life thing workin’ out for you? Stress much?

DaLovin’ Dj

Sooo…who gets to suck the other one? Grammar police? :stuck_out_tongue:

Why the left nut? Is the right one out of order or something? If, upon self-examination, I discover that I am nonbitchlike, should I then proceed to suck?

Im [sic] gong [sic] to start puttng [sic] “[sic]” in all my ownp [sic] osts [sic] so that when peopl [sic] quote me they wil [sic] look self-righteous nd [sic] putty. [sic]

([sic]s in original)

That’s a petty and self-self-righteous thing to do. I predict it will backfire.

For some strange reason, left nuts are far more popular. A google search came up 19200-1860, “left nut” over “right nut”. And I thought that people were basically supposed to be symmetrical.

Not so strange: after all, there is a marked preference for cockwise over countercockwise.

Mostly that’s just because of sundials. Although I guess it is natural to screw things in cockwise.

Oh yeah? Well I have a higher post count than you, so neener neener poopy head!

As for this sucking of nuts business, I don’t think it’s something you want your enemies doing. They could plan a retributive strike on some vital infrastructure, thus inhibiting your response capability. Perhaps it’s better to tell them to do some odious but not so important chore. Therefore I propose the following: “Scrub my toilet with your eyebrow, bitch!”

It’s a metaphorical nut.

I guess that depends on who is asking . . .

The left nut?
Right. . .
Damnit! I said the left nut!
I thought you said the right one!
The left one is the right one!
The left is right???
Ahhhh. . . .
Ohhhh. . . .
That’s why we call her the seventh wonder of the world!

DaLovin’ Dj


I kinda like the inserts…


This thread is getting pretty sic.

Towards the OP.

Perhaps this person is just trying to look intelligent so they can curry favor with the more influential. Sort of a…


sometimes I just slay myself. (and you can skip the flippant retorts, guys!)

I hate to be the serious one here, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. I’ve never done it, but I do understand when others do.

People take a small measure of pride in their spelling or writing ability. I wouldn’t call it smugness. I don’t think people are trying to point out someone else’s mistake when they use it; I think they’re just saying “this mistake isn’t mine.”

This has to be one of the funniest facts ever posted on these boards. At least to a twisted fuck like myself.

DaLovin’ Dj

Supposedly, in the vast majority of men, the left nut hangs lower than the right nut. So, in essence, when you are told to “suck my left nut”, that person is just trying to make things easier on you.