Sick of the homophobes' stupid "Adam and Steve" line!

You know, “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”

Well, according to **their own **belief system, didn’t God make Adam and Steve too, as well as Gertrude and Alice, not to mention Ernie and Bert?

Do they really think they are winning debates by dragging out that same tired old quote, that maybe was funny the first time anyone said it? And they probably think no one has heard it before, and they’re being so clever. Don’t they realize this is their way of admitting they can’t come up with anything new, so have forfeited the game?

Just say “That’s so original! Man your’e a genius! Are you a stand-up comedian by any chance?”

Not only that, but God made them all naked. That’s the best part.

Mustn’t argue with God, you know.

Well, I totally agree.

But if my speculations are correct, God will have the last laugh – the young man I expect Him to be Calling to teach His Word (i.e., love your neighbor, judge not, etc.) in the 21st Century will have a life partner named Steve.

And it only takes one small voice to make a huge difference.

When you don’t have logical, fact based arguments on your side, all you have are silly little platitudes as counter-arguments. They work well for the small minded. These sorts of sayings get huge cheers from the ignorant who are in the audience for debates as if a huge winning point had been made.

Homophobes are idiots. Why would you expect them to say intelligent things?


Well, He/She/Cosmic Muffin/First Cause sure made Doug and Steve! Doug was our interim minister, and Steve was his partner. They were wonderful people.

But then, we’re UU’s so that’s fine with us!

Maybe God made Eve and Steve? (that’s usually my response).

I just say God created Adam and Yves.

Or Eve and Genevieve.

I’m reminded of a Conan O’Brien “Year 2000” bit wherein he predicts that archaeologists will find a missing edition of the Bible that does list the first people as “Adam and Steve.”

No, I don’t have anything relevant to add. Sorry.

While i hate what they use the phrase to argue. I do think “Adam and Steve” is going to be the name of my gay weddin boutique if I ever open one. As a name it’s fucking brilliant.

The best way to end lame cliches is to constantly come back with an even more lame and obnoxious response that you say everytime you hear that cliche. Trust me, they get the hint.


“What’s that, Assman and Heave? You’re so clever!”

Or you could reply “It’s Australopithecus, not Adam, dumbass”

Yes! I’d shop there, or rather send my friends there. I think you should open that boutique just so you can use the name.

I did think the Adam and Steve thing was a fairly witty play on words the first time I heard it, many years ago. By the hundredth time it’s just a little irritating, especially since the one who says it always acts as if it makes them the great wit since Oscar Wilde (not that they’d probably like being compared to him, of course!)

If God made Adam and Eve, wouldn’t there have to have been some incest going on at some point? Unless, of course, he made a few others as well. One of them may have been a Steve.

Sigh. This is a part of the reason I stopped going to my church. Before I went to college I only heard it once of twice and only from prayer leaders, but the pastor, himself. Now they manage to drag it out every service. What happened in three years? Does the pastor have a gay son he’s trying to save? Did the parishoners request more homophobia?

That of course isn’t the only reason I stopped going, but it is the thing that annoyed me most.

I have a pin that shows two happy boy stick figures holding hands, named Adam and Steve. There’s a girl version too but I can’t remember what name is paired with Eve.

Wow, that’s odd…I was taught that God made Adam and Eve, AND Steve, and little Johnny and Akmed and Ingrid and Carlos and Sukiko, and EVERYBODY.

Does this mean we’re not all God’s children after all? :eek: :frowning:

Everyone but Steve.

Would it we wrong to mention Neil and Bob?

:: AIEEEE!!! ::

Villagers with torches burn Beagle’s dog house to the ground

Look at the bright side, The Man is off the case. Sticks and stones versus nightsticks and jail. Sure, it’s silly.