Sickening car names

I understand that Indian car manufacturer Tata is having to rebrand its newest model, which was to be called the Zica (for 'zippy car"), in the face of the developing Zika virus crisis (the mother of all lousy timings).

So how 'bout some disease-ridden or otherwise unappetizing names for other makes?

I open with the Ford Fluenza.

Subaru already has one; the STI. Once you have it, you’ll never get rid of it…

I’ve always thought the “Dodge Ram” was kinda funny. Thanks, but you really don’t need to tell me to avoid crashing into it :smiley:

I thought Ford was pretty ballsy in introducing a roughly suppository-shaped car called the “Probe.”

No actually, that’s to attract the macho guys who want to use it to ram their way through traffic. And who think proper relations with the ladies is predicated mostly on their ramming.

“Prius” has always rubbed my fur the wrong way . . . it sounds kind of pubical.

I also offer up my “Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Special Trail Edition.” Yup, that’s really her full name (BTW, I’m selling her – anyone in need of an 8-cylinder towing beast?)

Cars with equine-y names: Pinto, Mustang, et al rub my mane against the grain :slight_smile:

Cars with stupid names: there are SUVs named Sequoia (huge and immobile), Armada (Spanish is the only Armada anyone remembers, and we know how it fared), and Terrain (kinda like with Roadway trucks, I always want to paint an arrow pointing downward next to the name).

This is what made me snicker at all the Chevy truck ads that used “Like a Rock” as a jingle.

We tried to Probe an Escort once, but she wouldn’t Focus, and when we complained, she Taurus a new one.

Best of all, Mitsubishi still sells the Pajero in many parts of the world. Even though pajero is the Spanish equivalent of wanker.

Along those lines, it was funny when Mazda used to make such a big deal about their “wankel rotary engines.” Sounds like a car for losers who can’t get a date.

I always thought Crossfire was an odd choice for a vehicle name.

Chevy Cadaver, I mean Cavalier.

One can’t forgive AMC for the Gremlin.

The Dihatsu Charade - pretending to be a car.

How did I forget that? That’s one’s in the Hall of Fame for bad car names!


Hummer (“I have a small penis, so I drive a big truck named after a blowjob”)

Citation (let’s name a car after a traffic ticket!)

Nova (forget the “doesn’t go” urban legend-- why name a car after a massive explosion?)

The Toyota Tundra TRD (turd). A shitty truck, I’m guessing?

Kia had a concept car called the Provo, which was also the term for an IRA member, and this defused (hah) their plans to market the car in the UK/Ireland. Link

Nissan Qashquai.