Sickness now, the hours dread

Some fucking plague rat came into work and spread his/her filthy disease around. I can feel it starting to take hold. Me and about 4 other people are all coming down with it on the same day. When will people learn that THEY SHOULDN’T COME IN THE OFFICE WHEN THEY ARE SICK!!! I’M GOING TO CONTINUE TO WRITE IN ALL CAPS UNTIL YOU GET THE POINT! THE SICK LEAVE YOUR EMPLOYER PROVIDES IS AS MUCH FOR YOUR CO-WORKERS AS IT IS FOR YOU!

And the bastards that brag about how they haven’t used any sick leave in 20 years should be injected with ebola. How many other people have they spread their illnesses to just because they think the company will collapse without them? Get a fucking clue. The company is going to miss the other 4 or 5 people you infected a hell of a lot more than you.


Rev (cough) G


Sick leave.

That’s a great joke. I can’t afford to take an HOUR off much less a day. I’m not making enough to pay rent as it is…

But that is a subject for a different pit.

Just do what I do. Drink a gallon of OJ and go to sleep early.

You’ll wake up in the morning feeling like a new person.

Yah, the maryter crew really pisses me off as well. Keep your god-damn germs to yourself you assmuch. Really, will make it without you for a day or two.

The hell I would! I’d wake up the next morning feeling like crap because I’d have to get up at midnight, at 1am, at 2am, at 3am, etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

…and the wifey would probably whack me for leaving the seat up

Hey Rev, newsflash. Some people don’t have cushy jobs in which they are given this thing you call “sick leave.” If they don’t show up, they get fired.

Dude, i have biological experiments going that can’t wait for me to get well. If you don’t want to get sick, telecommute every day.

Hey Snoop, the Rev is obviously talking about people who do have sick leave and don’t use it when they should.

Like the guy who once sat at a desk 10 feet from me and actually soaked his shirt from a fever. He spent most of the day talking on the phone to his girlfriend so it wasn’t the workload that brought him into the office.


Indeed. Telecommute and you’ll only have your kids school germs to contend with. And nice BOC reference, Rev. G.

My kids’ school germs are the reason I’m in sick today. I have enough leave to cover my own illnesses, but not all the ones they are surely going to pick up over the next few months, too. However, I have a lonely job, and am only breathing plague on my computer.

I used to have a boss that always came in sick. We are given “personal time” to use as sick days. If you don’t take the days by the end of the year, you get paid for them. He wanted that check in January so would never take any personal or sick time.

The only saving grace was his office was in a different elevator bank than mine, so he didn’t come visit much.

We had a dude in yesterday with strep. Fucking strep. And I don’t get sick days. I will take off one day if I’m not feeling well, but never two. I can’t afford to lose that much time.

And in a lot of companies where there is sick leave, using sick leave is strongly discouraged if you’re not, like, in the hospital stuck full of tubes. I had a wicked manager once who had a policy, if you take one sick day, you have to take two sick days, because if you’re only sick enough to miss one day, you’re well enough to come in.

Blame the germs on the people who don’t wash after using the bathroom. I’m thinking of devising a Scarlet Letter system for the Filthy Ones.

When I was teaching, I had a principal who told us that he wanted us at school even if we had to lean against the wall to teach. (Can you think of a faster way to spread germs across a city?)

We had to beg one teacher to go home early. Her temperature was 103 degrees.

Maybe a bucket next to you on the floor would help? :smiley:

I had a wicked manager once who had a policy, if you take one sick day, you have to take two sick days, because if you’re only sick enough to miss one day, you’re well enough to come in.

Oh sheesh. That’s just downright sadistic.

The most evil boss I’ve ever had was very lenient when it came to sick days. It’s a good thing too, I stayed sick while I worked there because he smoked about 3 packs a day, so my sinuses and lungs were in constant disarray.

He paid us minimum wage and treated us like shit, though, so maybe lenience on sick days was his way of “making up” for it.

Rev G. I think you should change your username. :smiley:

I totally agree with the OP. We get over a day of sickleave a month, something like 14 days a year. Well, there’s a rule/law that if you don’t use it you get paid for 24 hours at the end of the year. The pay for that comes just before Christmas. Logically it doesn’t make sense, giving up 112 hours of sick leave for 24 hours of pay. Meanwhile those of us that use it when we’re sick, have to put up with the sickies who don’t. Oh, btw our sickleave accumulates. You can have up to 600 some hours before you lose it. :rolleyes:

I think I’m seeing the Great Spirit here. Damn I hate fevers.

I guess it would suck worse if I couldn’t take off work or couldn’t afford to. Ah, the wonders of the internet. Even when you feel like shit you can always find someone who has it worse!

It’s amazing that if you get paid a bonus or something for not taking sick days the small amount that get taken is mindblowing.
Let’s face it you weren’t really that sick in the first place.

I know my staff take ‘fake’ sick days. And if they have shown themselves to be a hardworking, committed employee I’ll let it go.
But I’d rather they were honest with me.
Seriously the amount of diarrhea, vomitting, fevers, migraines my staff have, would lead to an investigation by some OH&S companies.

This is going to sound terrible, but there is a part of me that secretly respects the employee that comes to work unwell. I usually send them home if it’s looking serious, but that person gets a little tick of approval in my mental notebook. And if they do that often enough, when they call in sick I will assume they are REALLY sick, and believe them and give them my most genuine well wishes.