Sicks Ate and other Epic games apologists a word please.

This is an issue that has been bothering me and Sicks Ate finally turned it into the tinder that fuels this flaming response.

The post in question but it’s not the first time he has posted this garbage nor is he the only one or maybe even the worst offender; this is to all holding this attitude.

BS post

Oh, you can’t eh? Not even a little. Ok, lets see if this even ‘a little’ pierces your self entitled “if it doesn’t bother me it doesn’t exist” bullshit stance.

Currently I have 1181 games on Steam. I have 38 games on origin, 14 games on Capsule and 31 in my GOG installed folder, no idea how many on UPlay as that client isn’t installed any more for some reason that I have never noticed until now ( but all the early Assassin Creed games ) or on Stardock’s old launcher that doesn’t even exist any more.

Of the games not on Steam I play exactly 1 game. One. Many of them I have rebought once they came to steam ( I would buy games on sale and then once a steam sale came out I’d rebuy. Never once minded giving the developers the money ). So, the fact is, what you call a minor deal isn’t so minor for this hobbyist and I have the experience to prove my point to me.

I’m not some newbie motherfucker who is afraid to install another client. Far from it. I’m not against installing games which aren’t available on any launchers either. I’m particularly talking about sports management games. I own every game by companies like Solecismic Software, Wolverine Software, OOTP sports, Wizard Games (RIP), Greydog Software, SI Games ( pre steam ) etc. I’ve paid dearly for my hobby and for my opinion to not be trivialized. I’ve walked the walk and talked the talk and being marginalized. They wanted my support and now that they don’t need it they tell me to go fuck myself.

PS: I’ve corresponded with developers from all of the companies listed above. They’re great people so if you’re interested in sports management games, these are your developers.

Many of the companies are now selling their older games on steam but new releases only on their own sites and for full AAA game prices and I support that. I support the developers getting paid for what they do.

I started gaming in the mid 80;s. I remember buying Kings Quest 1 new and it wasn’t my first game which I really no longer remember. I’ve paid my dues. Every fucking time they screamed PC gaming is dead folks like me laid out money so that assholes like Tim Sweeney have a fucking job. That includes Jill of the Jungle. I do fucking feel I count.

I have bought games I didn’t like because I felt the developer had potential to get better or in one case simply because the developer needed money IRL. I have always been a whale up to the point my finances would allow. If there is anyone who is “pro developer” its been me over the years and I feel I have every fucking right to be upset when developers are telling me to go fuck myself because they found a sugar daddy who has deeper pockets who decided to fuck me over for whatever goal Timmy has in mind. Timmy, a prick I gave money too back in the day and supported starts fucking me over ( well, not yet as I wouldn’t have bought any of his exclusives during their exclusivity period but the new Vampire game would have certainly been one ).

Oh yeah, Timmy’s goal is to support developers? LOL, why are developer’s pulling out of his Summer Sale? Yeah, that sale was so pro developer right? He’s not the good guy here. He’s all about the money. Whatever percentage he gets from developers is more than he’s getting before he opens the store so while he pitches it as pro developers it’s just a corporate sales pitch and folks like you bought it.

So, I’m not a novice to multiple clients and I have multiple clients installed. I’ve only bought one game off them that compels me to use the client. Every other purchase has effectively been a waste of money. I’m not allowed to be irritated and in your words… not even a little?

Fuck that you irrelevant discarded colostomy bag. The world doesn’t work on just one theory and just because your experiences are different than mine don’t make mine irrelevant. Can you get it now, even just a little?

Now, I don’t believe in the “I’ve been doing x for x years more than you” argument so I don’t ask this to score any points but seriously, I have laid out my commitment to the game industry and the developers in particular what’s your skin in the game? I can certainly see a long time gamer not having an issue with games on multiple clients, that has nothing to do with how long you’ve been gaming but the casually throwing fellow consumers under the bus thing strikes me as a newer phenomenon and a toxic one for the industry in general, at least a little.

[/End Rant ]

This post was inspired about gaming and maybe it should go in gaming but I chose here because it’s more about the poster’s attitude which isn’t strictly a gaming issue. The 'it doesn’t affect me so why do you care attitude is what I’m pitting and that attitude is a thing that occurs outside gaming as well. If mods deem this belongs in THE GAME ROOM I’d understand but my rationale wasn’t to discuss the Epic Games controversy in the Pit so stringer language could be used. Plus, no one could flame me and tell me how much of a bad person I am for holding this opinion in that forum.

Sorry about the length of the post. I really can’t do short posts effectively which is why I rarely post.

TLDR: People who casually dismiss others feelings and thoughts suck. Period.

slow clap

I’m not sure I understand what the Epic Store issue is, but the general attitude of “It doesn’t impact me so complaints are dumb” is pretty annoying and prevent in gaming. You see it a lot of DRM and people complaining about technical issues.

You certainly do see it in DRM discussions. “I don’t mind DRM so why would you?” type attitudes.

Based on the lack of participation in this thread, I must not be the only one who has no idea what the OP is all about. The responses, posts 2 - 4, I understand, but the only thing I understand in the OP is

so, yeah…

NO, I’m positive you’re not. I mentioned this in the post you couldn’t understand. I am also positive that you’re the only one to publicly and proudly express their lack of familiarity with the subject matter so, yeah …

Imagine. Not every thread is created for you. Who knew?

Actually, I have a question for you if you don’t mind indulging. I’ve already gotten acknowledgement from the poster I pitted and this is clearly not the forum for a discussion of the issue so a tangent seems appropriate.

What prompted you to reply to this thread?
There are people who will interject in pretty much any thread in their preferred forums and there are people who will regularly pop in just to present a contrary positions.

Neither make much sense here. Our posting history are pretty similar so I’d assume you are more discerning with your posts though I’ll admit that this is just an assumption.

Honestly, I think it’s a good thing for the message board. Everyone says it’s dying and getting posters who are more lurker than poster posting is a good thing. But I’d love to know what prompted it.

Is it because the title confused you and you expected something different? Do you understand the title but find my words truly incomprehensible as you seemed to imply? It didn’t seem to be that incomprehensible for reply 3 at least who didn’t understand the background of the story but fully got the TLDR.

Officially derailed by the 4th response! Good job, excavating!

I dunno, can you really derail a thread that is effectively over? As a derailment it seems weak sauce. This was a thread pining for the fjords as it were. No real derailing was left to be done. It’s like you’re praising shooting fish in a barrel. WTF. do you go round praising men who take candy from babies too you useless twit?

Also, why are you disrespecting excavating (for a mind) ? You took the time to bold their name but can’t be bothered to spell the whole thing. Seems a bit chummy to me. Is that what you are, their cheering section or something? I was wondering what motivated their post but I am doubly intrigued by yours.

Hopefully the next person to post will at least have something clever to say. Nice try Joh. Thanks for playing!

It’s OK, DP. It really is. Your pitting was weak sauce, nobody cared, so no need to take it personal.

But… then… if all you want is attention, perhaps that’s your best plan of action.

I’m not sure who the DP is but I certainly am not taking anything personally. I have admitted the pitting was weak sauce before you decided to jump in. You’re not breaking any news here. As for my reply to you, you responded to my thread. What should I do except address it with a reply. I understood it was bad form to abandon threads you start.

As for me wanting attention I admitted in my DP ( I guess ) that I’d get far more attention in THE GAME ROOM and why I posted it here. I willingly took it to a place where it’d get less attention and mostly negative and I explained why. Not sure how that makes me attention seeking but obviously YMDV. Sorry your dog shit in your slippers again this morning.





Actually, I have no idea id I’m winning or losing. I am not fluent in emoji.

There’s a thread in the Game Room here, although it’s the one linked in the OP so it’s not like you couldn’t have found out if you actually cared.

I agree. While I obviously don’t mind Steam DRM as a survivor of the code wheel technology I absolutely get why it ticks people off.

You honestly don’t know that DP = Disgruntled Penguin?

I will say this was funny as fuck:

Well, I do now but no, I didn’t, even with his shortening excavating (for a mind) . Might have caught it if he’d called them EFAM or something but it didn’t come immediately to mind nor did I spend much time dwelling on it. I assumed it was some new kind of lingo that I hadn’t encountered yet.

Hell, I’m struggling with emoji’s forget getting abbreviation lingo correct.