Sid Caesar has died

Comedy pioneer Sid Caeser has died at 91.

RIP. One of many great Your Show of Shows skits.

Another great one passes.

RIP, Sid. You paved the way for so many.

he made a great salad.

Where’s the crying smiley?

Sad news. A long life. A true pioneer.

Wow sad news. Especially since I thought he died about 20 years ago.

I loved him in Grease.

My very sad thought about this was that now Mickey Rooney is the only living person left of the people in the original four cars in It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.


His pizza’s really dropped off in quality the last decade or so, though.

Sid Ceasar JUST died??

Sid Caesar

He did a live, hour and a half show for 39 weeks/year for four years.
Tell that to any modern tv actor. Couldn’t happen.

One of my favorite anecdotes told by Sid in an interview–

“How long did it take to shoot the hour and a half?”

“Oh, about ninety minutes.”


I know. It wasn’t that long ago that a bunch of them were alive.

Milton Berle, Jonathan Winters, Buddy Hackett.

Now all of them are gone and we lost Sid Caesar.


Funny, though, the way he was born.

Sid Caesar was a musician as well as an actor and comedian. He played clarinet and saxophone for a number of important bandleaders, including Claude Thornhill, Charlie Spivak and Benny Goodman.

RIP, Sid. :frowning:

Somebody on a talk show once told of sharing a cab with CS, after which they had an argument with the driver after they’d gotten out. CS interrupted to as him “do you remember being born?” then reached in through the wing vent window and grabbed the driver by the little leather bow tie they wore, and pulled with all his fury.

Jeez, is somebody up there mad at the entertainment world these past couple weeks?!

Rob Reiner (whose dad Carl worked with Sid on YSOS) tells of how, as a kid, he’d come home and find the likes of Sid, Mel Brooks, Neil Simon and Woody Allen as his dad’s afternoon guests. Then he’d visit friends’ houses and wonder why they weren’t as funny as his.