Side Effects - Movie

Has anyone seen this yet? Saw it last night, maybe the best one from Soderbergh (though I haven’t seen all of his stuff).

A fantastic mystery. Go see it!

Yes. My husband and I saw it last night and loved it. A fantastic mystery indeed. Good acting too. I’d only seen Rooney Mara in her small role in The Social Network and of course as Lisbeth Salander in Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. This performance shows that neither was a fluke and her future will be incredibly rich in depth.

It’s the kind of movie you don’t really want to talk about for fear of spoiling it for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but most people don’t want to see movies unless they know exactly what happens from beginning to end.

All I’ll say, for anyone who hasn’t seen it, is, it unfolds in layers and you really have to pay attention

For once, the trailer doesn’t give away what the movie is about. If you watch the trailer and think you know what the movie is about, you’d probably be wrong.

Yes. We saw the trailer when we saw Les Miz, and I spoilered myself on Wikipedia (LOVE that Wikipedia will actually post the whole plot) because, while the trailer intrigued me, it didn’t intrigue me enough to spend $12+ and 90+ minutes on the movie. But yes, the trailer is absolutely NOT anywhere near the whole story.

Did anyone else jump when…

Emily is sleep-prepping food, turns and stabs him?? Holy crap! The one thing that stuck out was her stabbing him in the back. I was thinking, is she dreaming about an intruder?? But the ending made it clear!

Okay, adding this to my “to see” list. Not reading any more posts!

Please spoil me, I want to know what happens and hardly get to the theater these days so I have to live vicariously. (Spoiler-box it of course.)

I really hesitate to do that. This movie plays with your perceptions and preconceptions so well that to explain the depth and intricacy and permutations would really do you a disservice. Waiting a year or two to see it would be preferable to having it spoiled for you.

One thing I don’t get. There was already a recent movie called Side Effects*. Not very good and disappeared at the box office quickly. While not many people might have heard of it, what they do know is not good. This is a movie with an innate “bad buzz” simply because of the title. And people have to go around saying “No, this isn’t the one with Izzy from Grey’s Anatomy, it’s the one with the 2nd Girl With A Dragon Tattoo actress.”

There’s been a lot of this lately. Why recycle titles like this? If you can’t think of a good, new title, you shouldn’t be in the writing business.

*Note to Hollywood: Do not let Katherine Heigl “produce” a movie. (Cf. One for the Money, Life as We Know It, and The Ugly Truth.)

We saw this movie last night and am honestly shocked that it has received good reviews. It was totally predictable and unfolded in a ridiculously cliched way. I was expecting to love it and was very dissappointed.

Is that so?

What I expected from the beginning was that

Catherine Zeta-Jones’s character definitely wanted to get Rooney Mara prescribed some Ablixan

but I figured it was because

she was being paid by the company or had made the stock deal she did in fact end up making.

I actually didn’t expect

Rooney’s character to be in on it despite her weirdly flat affect. I figured that was a result of the antidepressants she was on and that she’d been sleepwalking for a fair bit. I admit that I did think it was a little odd she was so “hooray!” about her husband getting back – there was weird tension there.

I’m surprised you predicted all that.