Side sleepers - How many times do you rotate?

In a single night, I’ll switch sides 5 - 6 times per night. What about you? I’m trying to determine if this is a high number and if I should consider a different type of bed. Springaire, memory foam etc.

Well, I used to turn over six or so times a night (alternating right side, left side, tummy). Every time I turn over, I’m aware of it, because it requires rearranging my pillows. Then, about six months ago, hubby and I bought a memory foam mattress topper. Now, I still turn over half a dozen times per night, but I sleep more soundly between roll-overs. :slight_smile:

I start out on my back and eventually I’ll tun on my left side. If I have to rotate to my belly and then my right side then I know I won’t be falling asleep. So if I’m gonna fall right asleep, one turn.

I have no idea. I guess I sleep right through it.

I can only sleep on my side, and I always wake up to turn. 5-6 times a night sounds pretty low to me, as I easily turn twice that often. Sometimes I get really fidgety (maybe I have that “restless leg syndrome”) and turn 5 times in an hour. Having had a variety of mattresses over the years, I’ve never noticed any change in this pattern.

I don’t think 5 or 6 times is too many. I have a standard pillow-top mattress and turn at least that many times.

I turn maybe three times a night - sometimes more often.

I’m not sure, but I’m sure it’s many more than 5 or 6. It’s 5 or 6 before I get close to dropping off, and I don’t always wake up in the same position I fall asleep in, so who knows how many more?

What, do you people film yourselves sleeping?

How do you know?

Personally, I have no clue. Because I’m sleeping.

I’m sure I usually turn twice that many times before I fall asleep, and more before I wake up, given how torn up my bed always is by morning. I’m a restless sleeper.

Some nights just once, other nights 3-4, occasionally many, many times. Depends on how well I’m sleeping. If I wake up in the middle of the night, no matter how briefly, I’ll usually turn over.

Never. If I start on my left side I will wake up on my left side. If I start on my back, I will stay on my back. Maybe one turn a night. Most. I sleep like a rock, only not moving as much.