Sidewalk billboards for Broadway plays

Where in Manhattan is/was that spot that had a double row of sidewalk billboards for Broadway plays? During the titles of That Girl episodes, Marlo Thomas walks among them holding a parasol.

Schubert Alley maybe? Haven’t seen the show, but they’re all over the place around the Times Square area.

Shubert Alley it is. Every year in September they hold an auction there for Broadcare Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. This year it’s September 24th.

But I can’t find any photos of Shubert Alley that look like what I am thinking of. See the last photo on this page.

Ah. Yeah that photo isn’t Shubert Alley. Looks more like the signs outside of Lincoln Center.

And thanks for the date of the BC/EFA auction, btw. I attended the one last year and had a great time!

Looking closer at that photo, the signs are for the Metropolitan Opera, which is in Lincoln Center.

You are welcome. Always like to promote a good cause. I didn’t mention it’s a Flea Market too. You can find amazing deals there.

The BCEFA website is if anyone else is interested.

Could it be possibly Duffy Square? When I visited New Yotk, I took these two pictures, which show various ads for Broadway shows.

I’ll also put in a plug for tomorrow’s Stars in the Alley

See the last photo in my second link in post #5 for what I am talking about.

That is, indeed, Lincoln Center.

Eyebrows 0f Doom and friedo, thanks for the correct answer.

Looking at pictures of Lincoln Center, I think it must be this area in front of the Samuel B. and David Rose Building, located on 65th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenues. Another angle.

This author agrees.