*sigh* I can't sleep

It’s not a chronic problem or anything, just an occasional one. Lately it’s been more common, but that’s because of a number of stresses in my life. Typically, though, my inability to sleep happens when my mind runs at a thousand miles an hour once I get into bed. And that’s pretty much what’s going on with attempting to sleep tonight.

There’s a very specific issue behind it. Last week I had a job interview - I’d like the job, and if it’s offered, I’m pretty sure I’ll take it. But right now, it’s completely out of my hands. I’ve done what I can to get the job, but I have no idea whether that’s good enough at all.

And so I was thinking that if I don’t get this, I’ve got to pick up something so I can keep paying the rent. Savings are basically depleted, so there are no other options. And that’s fine - I can work something that’s not in my field as I continue to look. But then I got worried that, say, I pick up a retail job or the like, just to pay the bills. But then I get caught up in that job - not loving it, but doing it, and I neglect the job search in my field. And then I’m right back where I was before I spent two years in graduate school: in a field that I hate, doing a job I don’t like, only this time around I’ve got a LOT more in student loans to pay off. And by the time I realize what I’ve done to myself, it’s so much more difficult to get a real job in my field, because I’ve been out of it. Yeah, that’s how my mind is working tonight.

I don’t think I’d handle that scenario very well. So I started thinking about that, and stressing about that. Honestly? I think it’s because I’m not in control of the current situation with the potential job that’s stressing me at the moment.

But I do need to sleep eventually, so I can go work at my student job (that ends the 17th) tomorrow.


Welcome to the world of the Night Owl, Lsura!

I have no sage wisdom or advise other than try to let it go. You said it yourself, you’ve done everything you can. If the job pans out, then great. If not, well, maybe it’ll be McDonalds until another opportunity shows itself.

Of one thing I’m sure, I’ve read many of your posts and you are a survivor. Whatever happens, it’ll be for the good of Lsura!

So, Get To Bed, Young Lady!

:smiley: Did that help?