::sigh:: She's probably going on stage right now...

I am a sad, sad girl right now. As we speak, Tori Amos is probably stepping onstage at the Fox Theater in Atlanta (my home city) about to play what is sure to be an awesome performance (how could it NOT be awesome?? It’s Tori Amos!!) Why am I not there right now watching my favorite singer?? Because when my boyfriend tried to go get tickets for us, the guy working ticketmaster at the grocery store didn’t know what he was doing, and told him “better tickets were being released later in the week.” Knowing this was ridiculously incorrect, I came back a couple days later when I had the chance, and of course they were, indeed, sold out. ::curses the idiot working ticketmaster:: The only other way to get tickets would be off the ticket black market - that is, encoretickets.com - for over $100 apiece. And I am lacking in funds. ::sigh:: Anyway…I just needed to grieve…I’ve never seen her in concert before!
:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Perhaps I should give this thread more purpose besides my own self-pity…anyone planning on catching her on this tour in another city?

You have Ticketmaster in your grocery store?

Wow…I must live in the smallest town ever, people have Ticketmasters and Coinstars in their grocery stores. We always buy our tickets from http://www.ticketmaster.com , they let you find the best available seats.

I have seen her in concert twice, she is just so…::sigh::


I just checked the tour dates on the aforementioned Ticketmaster site…and she’s not even coming here on this tour.

I’ve seen her in concert once. It was truly an amazing experience.

sigh Now I’m really depressed.