Sign #4 - The Return of Galactica 1980

Alphaboi867 made some tangental reference to this over in GD, so I thought I’d check. Yep. The world will end on August 28, 2006.

Scifi marathon.

Deny it all you want…your sins will be shown to all!!! :eek:

OK, you win. There is no god.

I’m not worried. It’s obviously a typo. There was no series named “Galactica 1980.”

Denial is the first stage of apocalypse.

Okay, I must’ve missed it. Who wrote that the return of Galactica 80 is a sign of the apocolypse? (This explains that other closed thread).

On a more light-hearted vein, SciFi already reran G80 a few weeks ago (I TiVoed them) and although I remember it being bad, it was even worse. I was a big fan of the original, but I was also like 12. Which means I was around 15 when 80 came out and I was appropriately more jaded.

A couple things that I’m surprised I also didn’t remember:

[ul][li]I didn’t remember Adam-12 boy was supposed to be grown-up Boxey[/li][li]I didn’t remember the flying motorcycles[/li][li]I didn’t remember Cy being voiced by Laugh-In’s Gary Owens[/li][li]I didn’t remember Lorne Greene’s beard looking so fake![/li][/ul]
Oh well. As far as I’m concerned both 1980 and the original are meaningless compared to the new series… :smiley:

I remember seeing those suckers while channeling flipping, and WTF? Flying motorcycles? Is this really, really, really stupid, or what?

It is not the end of the world on August 28. Rather, we shall all pray for it to end.
I shall crawl into a pit with my laptop, an extra battery and my Deep Space Nine DVDs. Ave Sisko.

Just keep telling yourself that, Cleophus. I’ll be over shortly with the neuralizer to help.