Sign consisting of a grinning bear holding a smaller sign

I have noticed many large signs around town that consist of a grinning “teddy-like” bear holding a smaller sign that contains the name of the business establishment. They are not associated with any particular business, but they tend to be found in front of mom-and-pop-type auto repair garages. I’ve lived in several parts of the country but don’t remember seeing these signs until I moved to LA. The signs are very large; the bear is typically about 15-20 feet tall.

Does anyone know the origin of these signs? Was this the standard sign of some now-defunct retail chain, and later businesses kept the sign because of its recognizability? There seems to be a standard-shaped bear and many other variations, although the bear is usually in the same pose.

Check here for some pictures of these “road bears”.

“Bear” is/was a system for adjusting auto suspensions and drive trains.

Here is a history lesson on Bear and the bears.

Fascinating! Thank you!


Well, thanks for clearing that up.

For many years, I thought those bears, the old-fashioned TravelLodge sleepy bears (images of which the chain has apparently completely purged from the web), and Jerry Bears were all the same mascot.

Intrigued, I did a search for ‘Bear Manufacturing’ hoping to find images of said bears. I found what I thought was the website for the company:

Little did I know that the good and honorable name of Bear Manufacturing was also being used by large, hairy gay men. And they have their own flag! The plot thickens…

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