Sign Fail

If you can’t find the book you’re looking for, you’re in the…


A sign combo failure I snapped a couple of years ago. I guess no one has caught on yet, since it’s still there.

I love these things. Not every picture at Dave’s Daily is a sign, but there are plenty of good ones in the 36 pages (at the moment) there.

And surely you’re familiar with Fail Blog?

OK, what’s the deal with the next photo?
Progressive Inter…something?

I’m a subscriber to YouTube’s Failblog channel and this is the latest entry. It seems apropos to the thread:

Resort Name Fail

Post #10.
Man, did that ever take a lot of searching…

I took these in New York a few years ago. Not sure if anyone has fixed the problem yet:

Pic 1 Pic 2

But doesn’t it feel great – rewarding even – when you just know the thread exists and maybe even which forum it’s in or some other little tidbit of info about it and you keep going until you find it? Just so you can get thing off your mind and move on with your life?

I’ve had that urge to search several times over the past few days, and I feel so good for staying with the task.

Providing just that extra touch of confidence in the place, yes?

No pic to post, but years ago, driving with my folks on Long Island, NY, we saw a bar called the Silver Spoon. Except its neon wasn’t working well, so the sign outside read SILVER POON.

The next business was a Chinese takeaway called HOUSE OF TANG.

Yeah, we laughed. :smiley:

This place used to be in the Bronx a few years ago, on Westchester Avenue.

My fail-o-meter must be on the fritz today.

What’s wrong with those?

“Diseases” is spelled “deaseses.”

Ah. Oh.


Sorry I don’t have a photo, but on Market Street in San Francisco there is an adult theater with a big marquee and lots of advertising about the naked women inside.

Immediately next door, with it’s sign tucked under the marquee, is a convenience store called T&A Grocery.

Until last year, on 19th Street in Philadelphia you could find the House of Gayer Hair Replacement.

I’m guessing that the proprietor’s last name was Gayer, but you never know.

I wish I had gotten a picture before the building was rehabbed.

(Philly dopers: it was on 19th just across from Metropolitan Bakery, if you are curious.)

Google StreetView link

Years and years ago (ie pre internet) I saw a pic in a magazine of an Egyptian Construction company. The name of the company? “Al Fal Doon”

Nice work.