Signature Protocol

Can I get some kind of consensus? (probably not)

How often should one change one’s signature? At what point does it become bothersome/deadly to the readers?

A hush fell over the courtroom, killing six.

My feeling is to do it as often as you get tired of the old one. Or you could anytime you’ve got something new to say, for instance…

Now with 1000 posts of pure wisdom!
(or something)

I change mine every time I come across something witty that I want to share. Sooner if the last one was lame. The only one I kept for a long time was when TVeblen called me “seriously demented but strangely addictive”. I think she was being complimentary. If not, I think I’ll stalk her.

i think he/is the kind/of person who might if
he worked his way up/in the world/for several
years eventually/get to be/a sneak thief
“king nicky”, archyology
Don Marquis