A Signature Poll

There might be a way to free up some space on the SDMB server and perhaps speed things up a little, but it would involve a little sacrifice from the Teeming Millions.

What are your thoughts on the possible elimination of the “Signature” option? You would still be able to add a personal “siggy” at the bottom of your message, but it would have to be typed in each time.

Your thoughts?

Go for it. It also might cut down on some of the novellas that are passing for sigs these days.

It’s a sig line, not a sig monologue.

Won’t the people who want to use a sig still use it whether the automatic option is there or not? Or is removing the option the thing that will speed things up?

I rarely attach my sig any more, and, frankly, some of the ones in (over)use lately are a bit much…

I wouldn’t mind if the option disappeared.

How does eliminating the sig speed the board up?

“Get rid of 'em” sez I!

And if getting rid of 'em will speed up the board, so much the better!!!


If it’ll speed up the board, yank 'em. But like some other people have said, how come it will speed up the board?

As far as I understand, the sigs drain resources since the server has to look in the poster’s records to find his sig each time someone opens a thread with a sig in it. Add 50 sigs in a page of a thread, and you’re looking up 51 files instead of just one.

I say, go ahead and scrap it. Just having people copy/paste their sigs into a post if they still want to use them isn’t a huge effort on an individual basis, and it seems to me it’d probably make quite an improvement.

(sig omitted. :D)

Why does the server have to look up a person’s sig file? Couldn’t we just have the text of the sig file placed into the thread file whenever a post is added?

Ditto what Mr. Cynical said.

My vote says ditch 'em.

Go for it, sez I. They can be cute, but they certainly ain’t necessary.

I’m curious. Would the old sigs be converted to textual parts of the posts they were originally attached to, or would they simply vanish?

"They’ll take my Mark of the Beast when they pry it from my cold, dead hand."
[sub]Note: Sig has been typed in by hand.[/sub]

Ditch the bloody things! I’m a confirmed hater of reading the same trivia over and over and over again in the same thread.

It’s mildly amusing once but then it gets old real fast.

Can you say “buhbye!”??

I’d not miss them.

Anything to speed up the board. I say pitch 'em.

Like FairyChatMom, I rarely attach mine anyway. I wouldn’t miss the feature, particularly if it speeds up the boards. I’m perfectly capable of appending my own (allegedly) witty epigrams by hand.

I have a sig but I never use it, since I have to remember to check that box.

Okay. Dump it. And you know how much I love my cigs… ah, sweet nicotine…

Oh, sig? As in signature?


Go on then.

My sig keeps me from having to apologize for my horrible writing skills. But in the interest of speed, I vote to ditch 'em.

I vote ditch 'em. I like them, but they’re not necessary and if it speeds up the boards then it’s all good.