Signs you've been a doper WAY too long.

How about roughly 80% of your conversations with RL friends start with “Well, I was reading on the internet the other day…” and your friends say “Oh, on that message board thing you’re always talking about?”

For me, it’s the usernames. They get stuck in my head like bad songs. Especially the exotic or rhythmic ones - Bosda d’chi tricor (sp?), poopah chalupah, etc. I walk around mumbling them under my breath sometimes. Is it just me, or am I a bigger freak than I ever suspected? Oh yeah, and Daowajan, I dreamed about your username one night. It was the title of a book, or something like that. This stuff just gets stuck in my head, ya know?

Just hope I don’t wake up… 'cuz then you’d cease to exist.


Shhhhhh, Eve, don’t talk so loud you’ll wake him u…

That would be me. I won’t even get started on how they reacted when they found out I was taking an eleven hour bus trip to see people whom I only know through the internet.

“And you say they AREN’T going to rape or kill you? I’m confused.”

Of course we weren’t!

[sub]Groping doesn’t count, does it?[/sub]

Check. I had a dream a few weeks ago that Monster104 was pounding on my front door.


Ok, not SDMB related, but been there, done that.

Check. Keeps me entertained on the drive home.



Oh dear.

Sounds like SDMB’s got me by the short and curlies.

Sidles away carefully from 'punha

today cougarfang i related the latin word “zoo” to zoogirl . . .
i haven’t been here long enough to start replacing my html, but i think that will happen soon

Oh, pshaw:) I only grope people who I know don’t mind. That’s why I can safely grope Geobabe, RTFirefly, gobear, and several others I haven’t met IRL yet. And I know I’m forgetting a few I have groped.

[sub]And of course I’m deliberately leaving out a few …[/sub]

When I’m bored I think abou threads to start.

When I couldnt go to bed last night until I made 700 posts.

When I can convince other people to join the SDMB.

Using vB coding when I type anything.

When I see something and, think “What would the SDMB say about this?”

When being scolded by a mod sends you into a downward-spiralling funk :frowning:

When the first thing out of your SO’s mouth (after hello and a kiss) is “so what happened on the Dope while I was at work ?” (only because he knows he’s going to hear it anyway)

(And he’s so sick of hearing me say “Hmmm, you gotta cite for that?” in our arguments/discussions.{I couldn’t honestly call them debstes hehehe} )


…and every time you want to tell your wife about something you read in a thread and you lie about where the information came from just so she doesn’t think that you spend your entire day at work/night at home in a “friggin’ chat room” (her words, NOT mine. AND I married her before I got here!).

I am in awe. :eek:

I had a dream that Cecil once said “hello Clayton” to me in a forum. Not sure what thread it was in, or why. Was extremely happy.

Sorry, I know I’m having a very dense day today, but what is so awesome about that ?

I still have to think a second about my fiancee’s real name–anytime I have say her name, my first thought is always “racinchi–waitaminute…”

Yes, I am engaged to a girl I met here.

Another sign you’ve been a Doper too long is when someone posts a link in a thread you started requesting your attention in the Pit.

Welcome to the club, Paddy.

Well gosh, then I’ve been a doper “WAY too long” since around February. I wonder if this is a good thing or a bad thing.