Silent film involving a flying bomb?

A long time ago, on Saturday Night Live, I saw a clip from an old silent (comedy) film where people were being chased by a bomb floating in the air.
I think it had been the Keystone Kops but don’t remember for sure.
Google-searches aren’t much use for finding this kind of information.
Are there any film scholars/buffs that could give me any tips here?

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I can’t help you, but I remember that clip. In fact, I’ve thought about posting this same question.

IIRC, it was in the late 1970s, and may have been part of a fake news story on “Weekend Update” about a secret, “high tech” weapon being developed by Jimmy Carter’s military.

I’m surprised that it’s been so hard to find. I’d thought it would pop right up on youtube.

To the OP: great username!

Isn’t a bomb floating through the air basically a missile?

Well there are smart bombs. Or cartoon bombs and Keystone Kops were basically a live action cartoon.

Could it have been The Airship Destroyer?

More likely, it was contemporary and filmed in such a way that it looked genuinely antique.

It’s hard for me to believe that Weekend Update went to that much trouble (with the technology available in that era). Their stock in trade for such gags was thinking up captions and punchlines to existing photos and clips.

One example: to a picture of Art Carney (in costume as Ed Norton, with a surprised, anxious look on his face) Jane Curtin announced, “Coming up: Ali to fight Norton”.

This is a list of every silent film of any length that the IMDb marks as having to do with a bomb:

That’s what was so comical about the piece – the “flying bomb” was just the usual bowling-ball shape with a fuse at the top, and it was bobbing up & down through the air as it chased the group of men. Nothing aerodynamic about it. And the bobbing was most likely unintentional, just the effect of the wires holding it in the air.

No it wasn’t – it didn’t include any such comic scene. But thanks for the suggestion…