Silent monks sing 'Hallelujah Chorus'

Silent monks sing Hallelujah Chorus.

Performed by high school students.

I sent that to my mom and shared it on Facebook. That’s such a hoot. I especially love the short kid jumping up and down.

S/He really strove to hit those high notes! :wink:

I liked the ‘Hallelujah’ group in the back row. I know they had it easy, but I still liked them.

Here’s a more complete and centered shot of a perfor,mance:

That’s brilliant! Haven’t laughed so hard in a while. I also really like the short kid bouncing up and down at the end.

My chorus did this for our holiday concert in 2001 . . . and I was the person who “choreographed” the whole thing. The entire chorus did it, and each person made his own sign, in any style . . . a few even lit up. And each person held up the sign that corresponded to his actual part, depending on section. After about 15 seconds, the audience started to applaud and never stopped, and by the end of the piece gave us a huge standing ovation. I wish I had a video of it.

Beat you by a couple of weeks. See here. :smiley:

If these kids sang the Chorus as an actual religious piece, would that be allowed? Why is OK for a public school to mock a religious tradition?

(But yes, I giggled.)

If you look at the video in CalMeacham’s post, it looks like the performance was at a church.

I also don’t see it as really mocking monastic vows.

For an instant I thought you said ‘sacred cows’.

I believe that school music departments are given a bit of leeway on this issue. Banning religious works outright would seriously impede student’s musical education by denying them access to about thee quarters of classical music.

My high school performed “Messiah” in the 1970s, and my kids sing various religious works in public high schools today.

The more I think about it, the more moral issues it raises. (But of course nobody meant any harm, I am not saying that.) I have not made up my mind on the subject.

Monks are in truth a religious minority. One we use as props in all sorts of comedy and stuff. What wouild be our reaction to a simular production using American Indians, Buddist monks or somesuch?

On the other hand, the kids are more familar now with the work, and that is good.

Perhaps I ought to lighten up. But it is true that monks, and most every religious group, ought not to be made into a cartoon.

Or not, perhaps I am wrong.