Silly headlines of the day (sort of a game, more of a list...)

This may have been done here before, but a search turned up nothing recent (last six months) anyway.

I propose a thread to gather odd, confusing, misunderstood, silly or goofy headlines from recent newspapers, magazines, etc. The first poster to provide a headline, with a link if available, along with the reason they’re posting it. The next poster may offer an alternate meaning or comment on the headline and then provide a headline of their own.

So, to begin -

From page one of the Portland Oregonian, Saturday, Oct 25, this headline (caution - 1.3MB .pdf file)

"Nations offer $13 billion for Iraq"

The first thought that popped into my head while the Starbuck’s guy and I were talking at the counter was “Hmm, even with war damage, the place should be worth more than that…”