Silly Marijuana question.

Ok, I’ve never done drugs, and even though I’ve had friends who have done them, I still don’t know that much about the drug culture. But one thing that I’ve allways been curious about, is why Marijuana has so many other names compared to other drugs (but not knowing much about drugs, I could be wrong). I mean there’s Marijuana, pot, grass, weed, Mary Jane, dope, joints, and I’m sure another name or two I’m forgetting.
Anyway, I know this question is silly, but I’m curious.

Well, “joint” refers to the marijuana cigarette, not the drug itself.

My guess would be that marijuana is far more common and popular than other drugs, so there are more people to introduce their own slang.

All drugs have a lot of names associated with them. I agree with friedo in that Pot’s probably the most popular therefore it has a lot of names associated with it.
It also might have something to do with the differences in the drug its self. Sort of like alcohol. There are many different types of Alcohol, thus many names. There are many different types of weed, thus many names.

I thougth that in alcoholic drinks, the alcohol was the same, it was the amount or proof that was different.

check it:

shit, I forgot. as you can see, there are roughly have a boatload of names for every drug there is.

so it’s not just mawi-wowi, man. you’re just naive.

please don’t take that personally, it’s not how I meant it.

Rock n’ Roll!

PS - Can I say “shit” here? If not, sorry. I don’t know any better, 's just how I was raised, I s’pose.

Sounds like he has experience…

Me, naive about drugs? Noooooo…really? How could you tell? :slight_smile:

Yeah… like I said, I didn’t mean to sound like a dick. I didn’t mean it in a bad way like “ignorant” or anything like that.

But you know what I meant and what not, so I hope it’s all good. I meant no offense and am prepared to beg your forgiveness, if necessary.

FWIW In London if you referred to “draw” as “pot” people would laugh at you.

Dope is OK Draw is better. Gear used to mean the same thing but now means means Boutros.

Hope this helps.

The island in Hawaii is spelled Maui.

[grandpa simpson]I used to be with it, but then they changed what it' was. Now what I'm with isn't it,’ and what’s `it’ seems weird and scary to me." [/g.s.]

What the hey is Boutros? B. Boutros Ghalli?

Different types of alcohol are made from different fruits and grains.

As to why there are so many names, I would imagine that the illegality of various drugs forces people who are trying to be discreet to refer to them in oblique ways. There was probably a day when it was clever and innocent-sounding to ask someone if they could sell you some “grass”. As these slang terms catch on, they lose their usefulness as ways to be discreet, so new ones are invented.

Ahh, good point.

Oh yeah, that’s right. I forgot about that.

I think that the name depends upon how the drug is taken.

Also depends upon if the nakme was made when the drug was taken…I mean wouldnt surprised me if a stoned man made a name like “schlong”

JeDi 0nLiNe

Kind of an odd link. I looked at the listing for marijuana and it some of those definitions were wrong. “Smoke a bowl” isn’t a definition for marijuana, it is a term meaning “let’s smoke some marijuana in a pipe” The pipe is known as a bowl, at least it was in my day.

That site’s pretty ridiculous, in general. It looks they just collected any terms anyone had ever heard that seemed to have anything to do with X drug.

Oh, and Heretic…you’ve scandalized me with your filthy language! Quick, someone start the banning process, before any more young minds are destroyed! :wink:

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Oh, and I once read something that quoted a g-man back in the early 1930s re: drug slang. He mentioned that the marihuana-smokin’ jazz musicians changed slang at blinding speed to keep ahead of the law. What terms were current at the time? Joint, weed, marijuana, and reefer, I believe. My, how times change. :wink: