Silly question game.

Post a question that has some basis in reality, but the answer (or the question itself) is pretty damn silly. The question MUST HAVE AN ANSWER!! So none of that “Why do we park on the driveway and drive on the parkway?” nonsense.

This is nonsense of a higher caliber.

I’ll go first:

What’s the plural of y’all?

I have it on authority that the plural of y’all is “all y’all”


You get a smilie: :slight_smile:

But you didn’t ask a question…

Do you know the number for 911?

Have you ever noticed that every time it rains the sky is covered by clouds? So, how does the rain get through?

Conversation between host and guest:
Host: “Make yourself at home, fix yourself a drink.”
Guest is standing in the kitchen. Mixers, glasses, spirits on the counter, no ice bucket. The counter is next to large side by side refrigerator/freeze with through the door water/ice
Guest: “Where do you keep your ice?”


freezer freezer freezer freezer :smack:

Who is buried in Grant’s tomb?

There’s a real answer…

Y’all is already plural. Only a pig-ignorant yankee would use it in the singular. (The singular is, of course, “you.”)

Grant and his wife are buried in Grant’s tomb.

Why is a mouse when it spins?

Can you be buried in a tomb?


Right you are, RealityChuck

According to Trivial Pursuit you can.

Oh please people, the plural of y’all is y’allses. If you need more than what y’allses have then it y’allseses. That’s the most y’all can have.:smiley:

Ok, how’s this. See, the rain is ice before it comes through the clouds so it breaks through the clouds then it becomes rain.

Hey nobody said the answer had to make sense.

How can you look up how a word is spelled in a dictionary if you don’t know how to spell the word?

Having learnt my grammer in the metropolis of Dudley, NC I have to question your upbringing. Clearly, y’all is singular as in:
‘Jim! Y’all gets down off’n’ that tractor 'fore I whup you!"

The plural of y’all is ‘all y’all’, as in:
“I don’t know about all y’all, but I could go for some bar-be-que. Let’s go to Cottons!”

Ooohh tricky. I’ll have to say “Yes.” On the other hand, “Y” is a vowel when it holds still.

WHY in Og’s name does 7-11 have locks on its front doors if it’s open 24 hours?!*

*I know in all probability that there IS a logical answer for this, i.e. there’s an event that warrants closing the store - perhaps a robbery/homicide, which actually happened in the next city over - but it’s still fun to ask.