Silly things parents worry about

As my Dad put it, I import my men. I met a guy online a few months ago, and after a while we started dating. He’s from Nebraska, I’m in Nova Scotia (Halifax most of the time, South Shore the rest). Since he had the week off, he came up this week. We picked him up from the airport in Halifax and brought him home, where I’ve been driving him around all week.

Well, the downside of importing your men is that sometimes you have to send them back. His flight left at 8am this morning, meaning we had to bring him back yesterday, and since he didn’t get to see the city on his way in Mom thought it would be a good chance to show him around, especially the waterfront area. Meanwhile, shortly after he arrived home one of my friends from Halifax asks me if I want to do something with her on Saturday, and said I could stay over (it’s a three hour drive and this gets over at 9:30 tonight). I figured it would work out nicely, I could bring my BF back on Friday on my own, then spend a couple nights with my friend, returning tomorrow.

So that lead to the following conversation with my mom.

“You sure you’ll be okay driving in Halifax on your own?”
“Yeah, I do know my way around fairly well. What, me living in the city is fine, but me driving there bothers you?”

Geesh, I’m 21 and have lived there for three years already :smack: I wouldn’t have asked if I wasn’t willing

My grandmother is the same way. Whenever we travel, she remembers anything bad she’s ever heard about the location and thinks we’ll be subject to it.

On a trip to Florida, she advised us not to use any road-side rests because people get robbed and killed in them.

On a trip to DC, she fretted because it has the highest murder rate in the country. I assured her we were staying in a nice part of town, but she’s convinced that these things happen to random tourists.

When we went to New York, she warned us to stay away from the subways. “But Grandma, it’s Buffalo, New York. I don’t know if they even have subways.” She was still worried. “Call me and let me know you’re okay.”

[Puppy dog eyes] I wanna be imported by a girl [/Puppy dog eyes]
Although, being found by a local girl would suffice

My mom was really worried when I took the El to meet her near Adler Planetarium to see the fireworks on the 3rd. (Yes, Chicago fireworks are on the 3rd of July. Don’t ask.)

Of course, 8 gazillion other people are taking the El that night. Yet she’s still afraid I’ll end up on the only deserted El platform in all of Chicagoland and get raped or killed. (How, exactly, one gets raped on a *deserted *El platform, she won’t explain.)

My daughter and one of her friends are on their first major road trip - they left Florida on Wednesday, and by tonight, they’ll be near the Grand Canyon in AZ. The trip is a big loop around the country, with their alleged purpose being a visit to the friend’s cousins in Seattle.

Both girls are 20. My daughter has been living on her own for 2 years now - granted, she’s in college and we’re sending her money every month to help with her bills, but she signed her own lease and pays her own bills and saved her money for this trek.

No matter. I’m worrying. It’s my job. I know they’re mature and responsible (I’d be really worried if another of her friends was along) and I know they’ll call if they really need help. But, what if their car catches fire? What if they stop at a motel in a bad area? What if they get lost in the desert? What if they fall off the Grand Canyon?

Hush. I’m her mother. I’m allowed.
As for my silly mother - when I was 19, I was fed up with college and life at home, so I enlisted in the Navy. My mother was afraid I was joining to get a man. :rolleyes: Or a woman. :rolleyes: Because, ya know, I couldn’t possibly have been interested in the training and travel opportunities, or the chance to serve my country, or stuff like that there.

For a while there, I kept reading and hearing about “the choking game”, where teenagers will asphyxiate themselves to get a high. Some kids did it alone and ended up dying. So now I implore my teenage boys- “Don’t play the choking game!” It’s become a joke between us. I’ll call home when I’m out and say, “What are you doing?” They’ll always say, “Playing the choking game.” It’s funny, but at least I know I’ve instilled in them the knowledge that this stupid thing can kill you, and I don’t think they’ll ever do it.

Now, though, there’s “the punching game”- where teenage boys will punch each other in the chest. One boy recently died doing that.

So many things to worry about when you have teenagers!

My dad STILL worries about my car needing oil changes. I’ve taken care of them myself since I got the thing, in 1998, and I’ve never missed one or had any problems with the car whatsoever. But still, a conversation on the phone with my dad invariably includes mention of making sure I get oil changes for the car, because it can cause serious problems blah blah blah.

I keep records of everything I’ve had done on this car (well, at least the past 5-6 years). I think one day I will compile it all in order and give it to him. And remind him that my car has lasted longer and in better condition than his of the same make and model (one year younger).

My husband’s father worries constantly about our abilities to graduate from university, get jobs, etc. Nevermind that I’ve got my BSc, my husband is finishing his MASc, I’ve worked since graduation… we’re ok. :slight_smile:

Whereas you know in actual fact they are probably running with scissors.

Though I have lived out on my own since 17 my father still wants to know if I need the grass mowed.
Mom still wonders why I don’t call her everyday, becuase I might be in trouble. I can’t decide if she wants to help me or the chance to ground me.

My mom worries about me having enough underwear and socks. I’m 35, and have three children of my own, yet she still frets about my undies and socks.

You’re NEVER too old to need (clean) undies and socks. Listen to your mother.

I’m 24, and my mother still tells me things like, “Don’t talk about sex, politics or religion at work! They will find a reason to fire you if they think you are a trouble maker.” or, “Did you put gas in your car? You wont be able to get to work if you don’t put gas in your car, you know.”

I would hope my mom would trust me enough not to drive topless to work with a “Republicans Suck” tatoo on my breasts with the empty light on, but I guess she just can’t help herself.

I’m 29, and every Christmas, Easter, and birthday, I can rely on getting a new pack of panties and socks along with my other gifts from my mother.

Mine is very concerned about my hygiene, even though I have no hygiene problems.

She’ll wake me up at five in the morning all in a tizzy- “wake up! this is important! how often do you change your underwear?” “wha…? um… once a day. twice when I have early dance class.” She narrows her eyes suspiciously and says, “how come I never see your underwear in the laundry?” “because I do my own laundry, mom. You only do my laundry when you volunteer to.” (what I do not tell her is that I don’t like her doing my laundry. someohow the clothes come out dirtier than they were pre-washing. If they don’t totally disappear, that is.) “Are you sure?” “of course I am. why, do I stink?” “no! I’m just making sure.”

Part of the reason she’s concerned is that I never ask her to buy me hygiene products. I’d have to pay for them myself anyway, so I don’t see how it makes any sense to ask her to pick me up some deodorant and toothpaste and give her money and have her and the rest of the world know that I’m buying deodorant and toothpaste (because she’s sure to tell the world.) and about 70% of the time, end up with the wrong kind anyway and have her keep the change. I’d much rather just get it myself.

God almighty. You poor kid.