Silver content of UN 1973 peace medal?

I’m wondering how much actual silver (if any) is found in a 1973 United Nation Peace Medal. It says “Sterling Silver Proof” on the container its in.

I know that the answer to “What is it worth?” is “What anyone would actually pay you for it”, but is there are website that might have its “value”?

If it’s the one produced by the Franklin Mint(we buy them perhaps once/month), I think they have a gross weight of 0.6 ounce of sterling and thus would melt currently for about $22 US. We generally pay about 80% of that. They have no collectablity, only melt value.

sigh Google is the final frontier, and yet no one wants to go and conquer it…

Thanks Sam!

Of course I googled and nothing on the first 2 pages gave me the details I got from Sam.

I just tried Google, and result #4 was this highly relevant link.


So you’re saying my collection of colorized commemorative World Trade Center popup 9/11 coins is just worth melt value?? :open_mouth: Good thing I have my beanie baby collection to fall back on.

Eerily, I bought one of these today. It weighed 0.8 ounce. !! Also, silver has gone up.

I revise my estimate. I paid $22.50 today.

That’s great news. My wife got a bunch of them for $10. each at a garage sale last weekend.