SIM City 2000 - Free at Origin

FYI - SIM City 2000 is the On The House game on Origin

Been playing it the last couple of days. Brings back lots of memories.

It takes a little getting used to, but runs surprisingly well on my Windows 7 machine.


PROTIP: Click and hold the various buttons for additional options. For example, just clicking on the Residential zone button gets you dense residential by default. But if you hold the R-zone button, you’ll get the option to choose between light and dense zoning.

Does it include the Urban Renewal Kit?

Does the FUNDS cheat code work in this version?

Go ahead and try it!

In the original Sim City the shift+FUNDS code gave you $10,000, but in Sim City 2000 it takes out a $10,000 loan with a usurious interest rate. The finances of poor Jackopolis never recovered!

I’m not playin’ any Simcity that does not have a working FUNDS cheat!

Did no one ever tell you about the porntipsguzzardo code? Your city could have been glorious.

I remember if you typed curse words, the game would say “Watch your language!” and then spam churches everywhere.