Similar Dopers

Perhaps for no reason.

This is simple (I think), you list whoever you want or can think of off the top of your head, and the next person posts someone else that member reminds them of.

For example: For some reason PapSett and anyrose always bring the others name to the fore. I’m not positive why, because I do believe I can tell them apart (the former is the animal lover and the latter just had GPS – Og I hope that’s right), but still there it is.

So, to start it off, I’ll throw out a random name that I’ve spotted today…

Eleanor of Aquitaine
Oh, and if any are stumpers, maybe we can refer to folks who’ve previously posted here to use as a jumping off point to keep it going.

So I either suck at this sort of thing, have landed on more ‘ignore’ lists than I realized or have cooties. But, being the terminally optimistic type who tries, tries, tries again before bowing down to defeat, I’ll give this another shot…

Ummm, hows about the proceeding being linked to an easy connection, like eleanorigby? Does that help in explaining where to go with this? Or is it just too stupid to live? :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s my last submission then:


Surely that’ll bring in some ideas. :smiley:
( By the way, I think I’ll slink back to my last failed thread and do the eulogy, along with thanks to those who prevented it from total sinkage. Yes, I will be sending Target gift cards to all. Please email with your address. :wink: )

lieu - Dung Beetle!

Someone came to my party!!

::: dances ecstatically and offers Doritos :::

And what a great link! Just don’t go away yet… you gotta put a name out too. If for no other reason than for me to try to come up with one more reply so I won’t feel so damned skunked.

::: thanks Anastasaeon muchly :::

takes a Dorito



Oooh, I know!

Gabe always reminds me of Othersider. Or the other way 'round. I think because they’re roughly around the same age and college guys. I think.

Now for an obvious, much appreciated choice…



[And yes, I promise if there are no takers to let the lead zep drop. Us two, one of which has been so gracious, can’t be the only ones posting, huh? :cool:]

walks in wearing a fake moustache


~sigh. What gave me away?

Your dazzling charm, of course. :wink:

Cecil Adams?

(Alternate choice: Hal Briston.)

Jfranchi (I’m not sure of the spelling) cause they’re both from central NJ, they’re Dads and they both have great senses of humor. I dunno, they just remind me of each other.
How about Idle Thoughts

Yippee! Another one gets me!! (Well, ok, maybe it’s just good ol’ pity, but still!) And since you were valiant enough to play, oh wonderful SeeNoReason, making it more than just the two of us, I feel justified (nay, obligated!) to keep up the pursuit of all Dopers similar. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, I occasionally read Idle Thoughts for Incubus and I’ll have to do a double take to which was which. I can only assume it’s because both begin with an “I” for other than that, they don’t remotely seem the same.

So, here’s my next offering (and possibly last)…

friend Siege

Here’s to hoping for better luck today.

::: crosses an economical one finger :::

Well, I didn’t have GBS, I had the band installed - very different. And I love kitties - they’re animals, aren’t they?

That said, **Siege ** makes me think of RegallagTheAxe

I’ve don’t even recall seeing that guys name before. :confused:

Sorry Gabe, but he is around sometimes. Real nice guy too.

Ok, I’ve thought of another, since anyrose was kind enough to play too. (And I’m sorry I got the surgery wrong. Apparently my short term memory is worse than I thought! But kitties definitely count too!!)

Lobsang and Bosda remind me of each other and this time, I really have no earthly idea why. Does Lobsang do sigs too?

Oh, and does anyone want to tackle, um lessee, Ferret Herder? No, not like that. :slight_smile:

< slaps faithfool with wet trout>

Hey! What’s wrong with Lobsang?! I like his pictures. And you, I find your quotes interesting and think it’s cool that you change them (What, weekly?). Now, the ones that used to be 4’ tall were a bit much, but you’ve downsized. :slight_smile: