Simon and Garfunkel coming to town - are they worth it?

Simon and Garfunkel are coming here (Ottawa). I emailed some friends regarding attending and only one sounded interested. Most others were non-committal and/or thought the ticket prices were too high. (I think they’re in the $70 - $200 range.)

However, one friend said he wouldn’t “cross the street” to see these over-the-hill bums.

I haven’t heard any live material in years: do they in fact suck, or can they still muster a decent harmony?

They were recently on some rock music award tribute show of some sort. And, they still sounded perfect.

I saw them four or five years ago and loved the concert. They sounded great.

I saw Art Garfunkel with the Nashville Symphony in 2001 or 02. He did a great job. I liked the way they adapted the material for the symphonic accompaniment.

These two are notorious for arguments and breakups. I wouldn’t pass up the chance to see them together.

I like Simon & Garfunkel, but not $70-$200 worth.

Saw them in 1982 in Dortmund, Germany in 1982. Even then it was a nostalgia tour. Worth it, though. I would see them again.

I saw them earlier this year. Even allowing for live concerts not being as good as studio music, they struggled a little.

Were they worth seeing?

My very word. A very good show.

I saw them about five years ago, and thought it was a good show. Paul Simon is an artist, and they didn’t just perform note-for-note recreations of their hits, but modern versions suiting their current ages and abilities.

Of course, I was the guest of the person who paid some fairly serious money for the tickets – I’m not sure there’s anyone on earth I’d pay $200 a ticket for. (Hm, that would be a good thread…)

My SO and I saw them in Tokyo Dome (one of the worst venues for a live show sound-wise) a few months ago during their “sayonara tour”. Tickets were $115 apiece and we sat at the other end of the stadium. We’re in our 30s-40s and loved their music. They sounded great.

I’ve never heard S&G perform live and have no idea what they’re like now; but I’ve got a lot of their old albums, including The Concert in Central Park, and if they came around to my town I’d try to go.

They are coming here, and my mom is a huge fan. When i first heard about the concert I was going to gte tix for her to go…

When she found out about the cost she said “Don’t you dare…”

I saw them here in Austin 4 years ago, with the Everly Brothers as “special guests.”

On one hand, the Everly Brothers sounded a lot better than either Simon or Garfunkel. They still hit all the notes, and had perfect harmonies.

Simon and Garfunkel weren’t nearly as good, but were still well worth seeing. Garfunkel can’t hit all the high notes he used to, but he never embarrassed himself.

They played all the crowd favorites, while mixing in some of their lesser known tunes (like “The Only Living Boy in New York”). They also played around with who sang what- for instance, Garfunkel sang “Kathy’s Song” (which Simon had sung alone, back in 1965).

All in all, a great show. I can’t judge whether it’s worth the money- only you know what you can afford. But if money is not the issue, if the issue is “Do they still sound okay,” then I’d urge you to go.

They’re coming here too, and while I wouldn’t mind seeing them, I’m not laying out that much. Instead, I’ll try to win tickets on one of the local radio stations; came close yesterday, they played 1 and 1.5 second cuts of 9 different S&G songs and you had to guess all 9; I was one off, i.e. I misidentified one – the portion they played of one of them sounded like it was from America, and it turned out it was from A Hazy Shade of Winter. This morning’s question had to do with which albums My Little Town was released on; the caller ahead of me answered it correctly.

I’ll keep trying.

I saw them back in the 60s, and again in their Central Park concert. I’d pay a lot to see them again.

I liked them back in the 60s and never went to a concert of theirs. If I didn’t bother then, I wouldn’t now.

I’d go except it would take too long to get to Ottowa. I’ve seen them twice live and would go again in a heartbeat.