Simple workplace bathroom question

Simple question - how do you respond to this situation?

You go into the bathroom at work and see someone has left their toothpaste and toothbrush on the counter above the sinks. Do you:

A: send out an e-mail to tell folks someone left it?
B: toss it in the trash?
C: do nothing?
D: give the toothbrush a quick dunk in the toilet, and replace it?

Does your response change at 3:30 p.m. after you first saw it there at 9 a.m.?

I’d probably just go with C.

Sorry. I know that isn’t interesting, but I’m guaranteed not to piss somebody off if I leave it alone.

C, no matter when I see it. Not my problem, none of my business.

Now, if someone leaves something in my cubicle (like the guy who dropped his keys) I’ll post a note on the e-board. But I don’t get concerned with stuff in the common areas.

I don’t know why I’d do anything–besides shudder at the thought of all the germs collecting on it. (Why yes, I do keep my own toothbrush in a little case.)

C, do nothing (but probably mutter under my breath to myself about people who can’t keep their shit in their own space)

Yeah - I figured C was pretty much the default option for most people.

But I wondered how many folks would actually exert minimal effort to either be a “nice guy” or a “jerk.”


I guess he’ll be back for it.

I didn’t realize that A was supposed to be the nice guy option–I thought you meant a complaining email. I sort of figure that it must have been left on purpose.

C. What do I care about someone else’s toothbrush?

I’d go with C. I’d put a cap on the Toothpaste if it was off. But that’s about it.
Unless i knew the Bathroom was only used by like a certain group of people (like it was attached to said room/office. Then I’d give that area a heads up verbally at most. But no mass emails or anything like that).

If they cared enough, they’ll come back for it.

C. They’ll remember eventually, or see it next time.

C. E-mailing everyone is fine for something like someone’s car having lights left on, where fixing the problem in a timely fashion would help, but why bother for a toothbrush? And why inform n-1 people about it for the sake of one who’ll recover it with no loss?

C - I would assume most people would rather loose the toothbrush&paste than be embarrassed by (A), it’s not like its a ring or car keys. I guess (B) would be okay is the office has important visitors that day. (D) is … obviously a joke.

You obviously haven’t met the same people I’ve had the joy to meet over the years.

[sub]Note to the sarcasm-impaired: “Joy” is, here, meant in a non-joyous way.[/sub]

**B. ** The bathroom in our Data Center is shared between employees and customers. I’m not going to leave something like that our for clients to see, and I’m not going to track down the owner.

Now, see, that seems a little harsh to me. How many clients might use that bathroom on a given day, and of that number, how many would be so freaked out by the sight of a toothbrush and paste on a shelf that they pull their business from you? And why should someone lose an entire tube of paste and a brush (do you know how pricey they can get?) just because they forgot it for a few hours?

I vote C.

I’d do a variation of A. There are only about 20 people using our bathroom, maybe 12 of them women. All are within earshot of my office. I’d probably call out “Hey, someone left a toothbrush in the bathroom” on the way back to my desk.

In a large office, I’d do C.

I had this issue and performed… option C.

In addition to a toothbrush and toothpaste, I’ve also found a tube of ben gay and a tube of preperation h once. (different occasions). Each time I have done nothing, but note its presence as I washed my hands.

Option C. I can’t really get that worked up about a toothbrush sitting on the sink. It’s not exactly ruining my day.

At my office, we have several single-user bathrooms with showers. I never cease to be amazed at the state people will leave these in. Towels on the floor, bath products scattered about the room, an open tube of Preparation-H sitting on the bench. The hell, people? This is not your home! Clean up, pack up your shit, and take it with you!

D followed immediately by A, in case someone else thinks B.

(OK, C)