Simply Accounting......HELP!!!!!

Alrighty here we are. I am trying to upgrade my Simply Accounting 3 to Simply Accounting 6 on Win98. I keep getting errors and the program closes. Does anyone know why this is happening…any suggestions?
Please Help!!!


Oh darn.

Here I am, a CPA starting his PhD in Accountancy in January, and I finally get a thread where I could strut my stuff.


I don’t have that program, so I’m sorry I can’t help :frowning:

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Go it anyway, Hub, explain the difference between US (FAS 87) and UK (SSAP 24) accounting for retirement plans. We’re all dying to know.

Where exactly are you getting errors?

During the installation or once it’s complete and you try to start the application?

Make sure that the previous version you were using can in fact be upgraded to the current released ver.

In some cases this is not possible, particularly upgrading from 16 bit apps. to 32bit versions.

You may need to uninstall the older one before upgrading. Speak to their tech support first, in order to determine the exact problem though.