Simpsons 11/19- "Moe 'n' a Lisa"

from the ep, I’m sure you picked up that Franzen wrote The Corrections. Chabon is noted for Wonder Boys (a movie) and The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay (a Pulitzer) among others.

I can’t believe I forgot to check the credits for that! I love JKS as JJJ!

By the way, at some point during the episode - I think while the writers were fighting - there was a piece of music I didn’t recognize, and I’m sure it was a movie reference of some kind. Does anybody know what I’m thinking of?

It was okay, but mostly a retread of earlier episodes, including “Mo saves Maggie”, “Mo visits his old bartending school”, “Flaming Mo”… stick these and some others (including the poetry slam part of that episode where Lisa posed as a college student) in a blender and you’ll get this one. “Flaming Mo” especially, where Mo takes credit for the work of a Simpson, who then gets all upset about it.

Still better than Family Guy though.

The Wonder Boys starred Tobey Maguire, later to become Spider-Man, which also had J. K. Simmons! Coincidence? I think not!

Was it the “Rocky and Bullwinkle” theme when the old guy flew down off the diving platform using the folds in his skin?

Sir, I’m insulted. Of course I recognized the Rocky and Bullwinkle theme. :wink: It was later in the episode, and I’m wondering if it was a Wonder Boys reference.

There was a bit of bombastic music during a fight scene, which was composed by Alf Clausen and used in a number of Simpsons episodes.

I like Simmons, too. And though I’ve seen him on “Law and Order,” the role I most associate with him is Vern Schillinger from “Oz.” One of the most chilling characters to appear on TV.

By the way, has anyone else noticed the “Law and Order” franchise is loaded with actors who also were “Oz” regulars?

Spotted in the blink of an eye:

“The first five rows will get wit.”
I have to admit, that made me laugh. Not a bad ep overall.

Not to mention that Michael Chabon was a screenwriter on Spider-Man 2.

I was able to get some enjoyment from this episode, but overall it’s another “meh” episode. I disagree with those that say it’s funnier than Family Guy.

My biggest complaint: Didn’t they just do this exact same plot, when Homer was taking credit for Marge’s work? Aren’t they going back to the same well a little too soon? That episode was less than a year ago.

Also, did anybody else notice the animation glitch? Look at this GIF I made, and pay attention to the geese on the right.

Really? I see their writing as entirely different in both themes and style.

There are probably three kinds of folks here.

  1. People who have never heard of either of them and didn’t get any of the jokes.

  2. People who have actually read them and feel as you do.

  3. People like me who know who they are and pretty much think of them as two guys of the same age who both have the cachè of being “Capital N Novelists” . They write about boring troubled middle-age guys and their fucked up relationships and write blurbs for each other’s book jackets and spend their free time jerking their freinds off in the New York Times Book Review.

I doubt that the jokes were written for either ‘1’ or ‘2’.

Actually, this bit reminded me of the “logrolling in our time” page from the old Spy Magazine.

This has been a good season so far. Anyone who is still complaining just does not like the Simpsons anymore. Admit it.

I laughed out loud several times at this episode, and saved it to my DVR to watch again later, something that’s almost unheard of outside the very best South Park episodes.

I’ve never seen Oz, but I remember when I recognized him as Benny Southstreet in the 1992 Broadway revival of “Guys and Dolls”! A multi-talented fellow, for sure.

Heh, I just watched The Ladykillers (the Coen Brothers version) last night and spent much of the movie wondering where I’d seen the guy who plays “Garth Pancake” before.

Don’t see anything wrong. What am I missing with the geese?

My biggest laugh was Moe wiping his filthy hands on Tom Wolfe’s immaculate white suit.

The one in the foreground passes behind the one in the background. KJ must have eagle eyes to have spotted that.

Shit! That ruined the episode for me.