Simpsons 4/15 - "Beware My Cheating Bart"

I can already tell, from the TV Guide description on my TV screen, that tonight’s episode of *The Simpsons * will one day be considered a classic:

Very funny episode. Can someone name all the movies they were doing when Bart and the girlfriend were together? I recognizedx the Graduate and Midnight Cowboy, but it went by pretty fast.

Because of bad weather, my local Fox affiliate was knocked off the air for the last 15 minutes. Spoil away, please!


The last one was “Splash”

pretty funny. they spoof the media well.

Haven’t seen the episode, but the premise sounds like an inversion of the season 4 episode “New Kid on the Block,” which was about Bart falling for Jimbo’s previous girlfriend.

Has the age difference between Bart and Jimbo ever been established?

Heh. The person who helped write this episode is actually someone i know from back in the Day (He notes he mostly contributed to the 2ndary storyline of Homer’s Obsession)!

I don’t have a TV, so I’ll have to wait a week to watch it on Hulu, but I’m glad to hear people liked it :smiley:

Was Jimbo rising out of the sandbox a Nightmare or Friday the 13th reference? I haven’t seen those, but remember Willie the bagpipe spider rising out of the sandbox in one of the Treehouse of Horrors.

I took it as a shout out to Martin Sheen rising out of the swamp in Apocalypse Now but I could be wrong.

Who was the couch gag artist? So long we’ll likely not see it again I fear.

Bill Plympton.

bart also has popped his head out in that scene imitation as well.

Boobs! Well, one boob, anyway.

I know where this is going so just give me all your weapons

(holds guns)

Now we’re gonna talk about what Carl wants to talk about
Funniest Simpsons line in ages

Could you tell him that overall he did a great Homer storyline; though, I expected that when Marge called Homer into the bedroom it would reveal the exercise machine in the bedroom instead of the bizarre cosplay involving the Lost parody. See, I thought that Marge would “soften up” after the “fight” and suprise Homer with the exercise machine in the bedroom wherein they “excercise” together.

I had a good laugh, though, when Homer, Bart and Jimbo interacted.

I knew where *that *was going yet I did not expect it.

For the first time in a long time I was genuinely surprised by something in The Simpsons.

the show does that a lot. let you slide in an ordinary fashion or even expect to anticipate a punch line and snap you in another direction.

Who is also from Oregon. Symmetry! :slight_smile:

There was also Thelma & Louise (when Ralph tried to chase them in the police car).